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Artist: The Game f/ DJ Skee
Album:  California Republic Mixtape
Song:   Gone Ahead
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: DJ Skee]
Right now, we gotta get back to the music
This is "California Republic"
I am DJ Skee, he is The Game
Also known, as the CEO, of the Money Gang
Let's ride!

[The Game]
She say she got a man, but I ain't really tryin to hear that though
I'm just tryin to get you naked, it'll only take a second
but she ain't tryin to hear that though
She with her girlfriends, and she like me so we textin
Her ass as big as Texas, so behind her back we sextin
And I swear this girl a blessing
cause I just got rid of my X and
Had to find me a different direction
Now she stayin all in my section
Last week had a nigga all stressin
But now you mad when you see me with the next chick
And I'm spending this money on alcohol
and I feel it's a good investment
Cause I got you and your girlfriends offa that stinger
Reminiscing about the good times, daydreamin
You gon' need just some good wine, for all the tears
Talkin about who's really dow, girl, say it like you mean it
Now he hand her next nigga her iPhone
But I ain't really takin that personal
We got bottles comin, you the first to know
cause you the thirsty queen, now the world know

[Chorus: Game]
Where them bad girls? Where them bad girls?
Them Lou' Vuitton, Louis, Gucci, breakin bad girls
Where them bad girls? Where them bad girls?
Don't be scurred, gone ahead, pop that tag girl
(It can't hurt) Gone ahead, pop that tag girl
(Don't let 'em see you sweat) Gone ahead, pop that tag girl
(Pop it, pop it) Gone ahead, pop that tag girl
(Pop it, pop it) Gone ahead, pop that tag

[The Game]
She from Indiana, but she don't like them Pacers
She moved out here for that model scene
so I got her cheerin for them Lakers
Go~! She a bad girl, you know how I like them bad girls
She tryin to get the keys to the Porsche truck
but you know I don't like them fast girls
No~! Slow down for me
Throw it to the front, then bring it back to me
Hit her girlfriends but I love how she do me
Make her wanna get another Magnum out of that Louis
If she don't get sore I'm a hit it all night
Smack it on the left, then slide in the right
Thinkin to myself this pussy tight
She wanna go again, she just my type
She sexy and I like her
Them red bottoms, I spiked her
Keep pullin these all-nighters
And I might just go 'head and wife her
We shoppin, on Rodeo
I love this girl, I swear lord
Can't wait to get her back to the hotel room
Cause you know we gon' beat up that headboard
So tell me


[The Game]
I see your girl with a Coach bag, she know she foul
Need a referee in her, cause she know she foul
And I know that gotta be the same girl
And I can't get down with no plain girl
All the bad bitches up in hurr
Feel bad for you if you came with your man, girl
And I ain't tryin to know yo' name girl
If you can't fuck with it, that ass gotta leave
And I don't know who you came with
but you not gettin in here with all that weave
You know good and well who I'm talkin to
No fake shit, and I mean that
And you' ass been over there hatin all night
and you know damn well I've seen that, so!