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Artist: The Game f/ Atlas, Lifestyle, Mele
Album:  California Republic Mixtape
Song:   The Logo
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[The Game]
Tell them hoes I go by Mr. Spades now
Lifestyle, Mele
B.W.S.M.G., yeah
I'm in this bitch gettin money like Bo doe
Cincinnati snap back, New Era logo
I'm the new era's logo, I'm a boss, I'm the shit
New Bentley truck, never soft as a bitch
Gettin lost in the wind, sheddin traffic on the rims
Got my bitch in that Benz, doin 90 on the 10
I got 99 problems, not a motherfuckin friend
See my niggaz be my niggaz, we gon' ride it to the end
In the club, blowin them racks, cause that space never cheap
We got three bottles a piece, and we all got pizzas
When it come to all this money we divide it like pizza
When it comes to fuckin hoes we gon' slide 'em like Visas
Bitch I'm 'bout my paper, checkin hiblos in Geneva
Puerto Rican in Geneva, and she got Ferrari features
Shittin on you peons, then dine by those neon
Use to run the rock and bass, like Dion

[Chorus 2X: Game & Mele]
I'm in the Cincinnati gettin money like Bo doe
  Across the world, gettin all this money, I can't get enough
Money Gang be the logo
  Yeah you see it when that Phantom pullin up whoa

What you don't know is I be in that fo' doo'
And what you do know is I be in that hew blow
But what you should know is I be fuckin Suge hoes
and that could go, anyway on any day
Twenty bottles of that Ace, twenty models in my face
Flew to Chicago for these J's, it was windy but hey
I ain't sleep outside for them foes, I ain't sleep ouside for them pens
I'll sleep outside for the rest of my life
if the rap shit don't work out aight?
No ice on a nigga, yo' wife on a nigga
You don't like lil' nigga? Don't make me put the red light on a nigga
Bad bitch from France, she gon' put them spikes on a nigga
Then we in New York, sittin next to Spike and the niggaz
But I'm rootin for the Clippers
It's cool, tryin to move with them strippers
Keep the tool a nigga ain't gon' slip up
Jack the Ripper, nigga ain't gonna slip up
Slow down, takin your hoes down
Nigga we in your town, spillin this Mo' now
Money Gang got tracks in fives
Guess you could say we the new Motown

I'm lookin for a bad bitch and she know what I want
Red bone and you better bring a friend
Wide body in the front and you know I gotta stunt
Fuck the line, girl you know we gettin in
I-I shut it down in my side of town
Fuck your girl when you're not around
She in love with my bank roll
She like the way I make her go
Move around the city with a chick like J-Lo
Fuckin with a boss, baby everything paid fo'

Money Gang, M.G. be the logo
It's Atlas, B dub S if you ain't know doe
You only live once, Y.O.L.O.
So I'm at the bar, takin shots to the head, Miguel Cotto
(Get it?) Wrist froze like a person's pose for a photo
Big dog yard, you ain't allowed in here, Toto
We don't lose, only move for that money
If it ain't about that money I don't move rocks
Phantom on cruise, angel on the hood
Heavenly white paint job
Hater face look like he smelled a stink bomb
(Look at it) Got me feelin like a ballplayer
I don't play ball, but I ball like a star player
(Swish~!) I'm a star hater, you know how I do
Swag super stupid, got a low IQ
Bottles in the air like, we don't got a care
If you do it like we do it, baby holla if you hear


DJ Skee {*echoes*}