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Artist: The Game f/ Ben J., Kid Red, Lifestyle
Album:  California Republic Mixtape
Song:   Pussy Money Weed
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[Intro: Game]
DJ Skee, The Game
"California Republic" mixtape

[Kid Red]
Where the weed at? Where the weed at?
They lie, Kid Red, where the weed at?

Lil' mama I'm a chiefer, smokin on the reefer
I know you say you can't suck dick but I'ma teach ya
Bad lil' bitch, yeah I think that I'ma keep her
And she can't miss school so I fuck her on the bleacher
Got them Mollies on deck, got them hoes in check
All these bitches know my name so my pole gettin wet
I'll be rollin rollin rollin off that potion we be po'in
We be smokin, we be 'dro'in, Kid Red keep the party goin
I'll be high, I'll be low, you tryin to roll well bitch let's go
If you did not put in on my weed then you can't hit my 'dro

[Chorus: Lifestyle]
(Pussy!) Pussy, money, pussy money weed
Pussy, money, pussy money weed
Pussy, money, pussy money weed
Pussy money weed, pussy money weed (pussy!)

And all my bitches branded
Tatted on the pussy, Jordan's and some spandex
Rollin up the cookie, please understand that
She try and fuck me but I'ma make her fuck my man now
Poppin bottles like New Year's Eve
And we standin on the couch screamin pussy money weed
In the club blowin trees so these bitches wanna leave
And she ain't even trippin that it's spillin on her weave
Yeah, and all my bitches they exotic
It's a party in her mouth and I'm her nuts so I'm invited
I will suck it, I will bite it, I will fuckin start a riot
Got that kush, in my pocket and I'm sellin like a pirate - huh?
Fuck is Miley Cyrus? Where the fuck is Miley Cyrus?
It's a party at the crib and it's private, yeah


[Ben J.]
Haha, uhh
That's all I know about in this lifestyle
Put a dollar on some pussy and I wipe it down
Cool motherfuckers, we don't tolerate clowns
We in this young life, can't rest, smoke, lounge
The lil' homie Steve I hang him with a pound
The big homie Game holdin shit down
We 'bout to give this motherfucker Game a new sound
Fuckin with me, ha, the game ain't knowin what they found
I'm ridin 'round in my city, smoked out and I'm driftin
E'rybody brother sister cousin chasin fuckin with me
That bitch fuckin she guilty, I ride dirty get filthy
We hop by so get liftin - I smoke strong
That shouldn't be a sentence boy, them young boys get offended boy
Me, I'm just handlin this grown man business boy


[Outro: DJ Skee]
Love those that always show us love
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