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Artist: (The Game f/) Nobody
Album:  California Republic Mixtape
Song:   Yonkers Freestyle Base
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[Intro: DJ Skee]
We broadcastin live from the "California Republic"
Y'all already know how we do
Game, DJ Skee, next song, let's go

I'm your motherfuckin father faggots, plus I'm your motherfuckin faggot father
Plus I'm a fuckin faggot that fucks you and laughs it off
'til I'm fuckin your asthma problem
And that's some drastic motherfuckin karma, so pop an acid tab
Cause that's exactly what's up with you fuckin faggots
You punk 'til your fuckin statements covered by these fuckin magazines
And cunts in our basements, the conscious thing that nothin matters
And you're wasted and smack the fuck out Rihanna (take it, bitch!)
Guess that's what you get for your slut persona
But that's what the world wants, a girl cunt 
that talks about how much she wants to {*woman moaning*}

I'm about to blow my motherfuckin brains out, because it's cool
Cause it's true, plus I want someone to fuckin listen
And this is pretty much the only way you'll pay attention
Which is retarded if you think about it, but why think about it?
Why just knock it off your rock and fuckin drink and shout it?
What's wrong with the world so you can learn some shit you think is outlet?
Slit your wrist to it, listen to Chris' music
Keep pumpin your fuckin fist to this bullshit!
Piss on the flag that has nurtured you
Offend your rights, persecute, do some dumb shit
Loose on the run from the fuckin law that shoot your guns at
Cause you're the fuckin gangsta you claimed to be, aren't you?
It's fuckin dangerous and harmful for just one statement or lawsuit
Cause money and they just painted across you
But that's not gon' make us remorseful

{*a baby cries as a chainsaw revs*}