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Artist: Game (The Game)
Album:  Bang Along (S)
Song:   Bang Along
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
One for the impala's, two for the gold d's
3 for the switches, middle finger for the police
nigga with an attitude, I will not let it die
four fingers up, two twisted for the westside

I used dribble the rock, down the block in 94
shoot the courts out when killer wayne bought that porsche out
I had the illest jump shot so he bet all his money on me
12 years old with all the honies on me
Patrick Ewings on I kept the fresh kicks
take the nigga out the jordans if the muthfuckers fit
they fit so I'm back up the block
fucking with the homies trying teach em how to slap box
in front of the crack spot fiend's fighting over crack rock
dimes the size of golf balls yeah the shits was that hot
having black locs on like MC Ren
deebo came through the hood in that coke white Benz
before 106 and park and 24 inch rims
before these corny niggaz kept the stickers under they brims
there was a lil nigga in compton 5ft 10
he was dope as a muthu fucker I wanted to be like him


Fuck it I ain't gonna lie homey, I used to do the hammer dance
make it worse I had steal toes on and hammer pants
fucked up right? that's when my pops had to wait
he had to blow while I was blowing in nintendo tapes
got my ass whooped for taking the duck hunt gun outside
in my window watching all the kids have fun outside
ice cream truck making noise, I wanna run outside
but Imma get my ass whooped again if I run outside
swear I was on punishment til like my tenth grade year
this new girl moved on the block light skin with wavy hair
I asked her did she want to hump me and she was like ?I don't care?
so I took her training bra off that's when she got scared
she wanted me to be her boyfriend so I was like yeah
trying to think of LL lines in the back of my head
'when I'm alone in the room' can't remember what he said
but I know Uncle Luke 'bitch give me some head' here go?


Shit I'm grown now, pops in jail I'm on my own now
got my first kilo and my brick phone now
2 door cutlass sitting on dat chrome now
headed to that county jail, 2 tees coming home now
yeah homey shit changed, niggaz don't bang like they used to
and I can't dunk like I used to
niggaz don't move fast enough when they hear that hoo hoo
and taking fades is played out like FUBU
I got a TV in the dash watching Friday
21 no felon, tell em niggaz crime pay
red rag in my pocket doing it my way
2 switches so the cutlass bounce sideways
four amps 15's beatng the trunk tryin jack me for my shit
gotta beat me to the pump, punk, I'm on my gangsta shit
nigga with an attitude hold my motherfuckin gangsta shit


Hey lo, I'm gonna take these niggaz back man, back to the number 4 jordans
niggaz dem shits was sway, remember them mutha fuckers, yeah the number 4
jordans man, when them shits got old, we couldnt afford no new ones so we
went to mutha fucking payless and got that black shoe polish, we put so much
shoe polish on them mufuckas trying to keep them shiny black mutha fu turned leather?