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Artist: The Game f/ Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa
Album:  Celebration (Remix) {S}
Song:   Celebration (Remix)
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[Intro: Wiz Khalifa] + (Chris Brown)
Rollin and chokin and movin slow motion, I'm floatin on goooooooood
(Put the purp' in the bluuuuuunt)
Rollin and chokin and movin slow motion, I'm floatin on goooooooood
(Put the purp' in the bluuuuuunt, yeah)

[The Game]
Step out the door and I'm rollin slow motion
I'm finna get down with my G's
Look 'round the crib and then pick up my keys
Hop in the fo' then go so niggaz don't know
I'm puffin on that, reefer
That chronic that grow from them trees
And now we smokin, throwin up B's
and I got Bone Thugs on my team
You know we steadily drinkin that liquor
Walk off in the club, say whassup to my niggaz
and I'm stumblin into that hydro
Look at me eyes low, where the pyro
Smokin the same in Indonesia, and Cairo
I'm back to back in them blunts
Now where did-a me light go?
'Fore I get psycho let's get high bro
Sittin and choppin with Krayzie
Stuffin that haze inside of me Swisher mayne
Layzie, Flesh, Wish
and never forgettin my nigga Bizzy
Aimin slow on Mr. Ouija
Better know who the boss
You don't wanna get tossed in the river mayne
East 99 on the grind, it feel the same

[Chris Brown]
Put the purp' in the bluuuuuunt, yeah

[Wish Bone]
Got a call from Compton
Celebration real niggaz so you know that I'm comin
Laced up, little bit of sun, little bit of fun
They got love in Compton for Bone
Little Hennessy, a little Cali green
I'm floatin, chokin, I'm gone
Look for somethin to poke on
I'm so high, got my Loc on
But I'm so real, life is so chill
I'm a grown man, nigga fo' real
It's mine (mine) cause I'ma spend it
Keep my hustle on so I'ma get it
I'm in my own lane, nigga pay tolls
Nigga no change, if anything
Better have mine, 'fore the party stops
Nigga gun range, bop bop bop!

[Krayzie Bone]
Well I'm in the back with a blunt, steady get it in
First to the last of the month, keep 'em comin
Niggaz think I don't smoke weed no mo'
I smell it then I say pass the bong
We're havin a celebration
So gone I don't even know what the occasion is
Can't even remember my name and shit
Man look at what this nigga Game done did
This nigga done made me relapse on a weed track
Put some purp' in the blunt cause I need that
Drink a 40 on my own in the zone
Still I won't get feedback
Know the haters wanna see me, for the love a nigga bustin
so I'm feelin like I'm runnin with the devil
Everybody got the level when a nigga got me ready to roll
And hydro got me ready to blow (blow)
Split that Swisher, roll some mo'
If y'all niggaz ain't know Bone can smoke
Highly highly high, but on the lowly lowly low!
Tell me what they want, a little bit of Bone
with a little bit of Game, still the same
Thugs swang, haters can hate if they want
For me it's still a wonderful day!

Hit 'em off the top like on the block
It look like he just seen a ghost
Got 100 kids floatin around in my hood
and we goin for broke
Hit the weed and the blunts lil' bro
And roll up some smoke
Get 36 of that O.G.
If it's potent tell 'em run the whole ki'
All my niggaz down in Tha Land gettin that gwap
Hustlin, eatin, gettin no sleep
From Cleveland to Cali we winnin mayne
With Game mayne, we chiefin mayne
It's the first of the month and we yawnin
That's my everyday agenda
Red strings, bigger heaters
Five Thugs-N-Harmony members

[Chorus: Chris Brown + Layzie Bone]
We havin a celebration, love to stay high
We havin a celebration, love to stay high
We havin a celebration, love to stay high (yeah!)
We havin a celebration, love to stay high (whoa ohhhh)
We havin a celebration, love to stay high (woo-hooo!)
We havin a celebration, love to stay high
We havin a celebration, love to stay high (stay high)
We havin a celebration, love to stay high (high)

[Layzie Bone]
My life is a movie, it's just like a party
I wake up and roll up and blow on that Maui, wow-wee
Early in the morning the room is still cloudy
All night long my Thugs is just rowdy
All we do it for a celebration
We celebrate life in the fast lane
And never we hesitate
Only we demonstrate, original cash game
Mix it up with the hash mayne
I might let you hit it but never do ask mayne
That miracle lyrical mari-j-uana my sponser
That's why I don't have pain
L-Burna gon' have thangs, my mission is music
+Foe Tha Love of Tha Money+
Always reppin that Eazy-E
Cause what he gave me you can't take that from me
B-O-N-E, to the T-H-U-G, to the G-A-M-E
Got the game on lock
Lock lock lock lock but rock, it don't stop
Party over here, better call the cops cause it's hot
The buddah keep penetratin
We celebratin, real niggaz made it
No longer me needin me hair braided
Just +Chiefin in my Wahoo+ faded, faded!

[Bizzy Bone]
We havin a celebration, love to stay high
Out of my khakis, out of my Gucci
And I'm gonna roll somethin when I roll
When I roll that ooh-wee, hey
Let me put it back, gotta love that
Put it out? Fuck that
Little Henny on the side in the ride
Better make it alright, not much time lookin back
Better handle my business here
Puff puff, pass, and my last
Gotta leave a little baggy in the air
Gotta put a little love in the glass
My legendary level-headed peers
Grab a buckle when I buck 'em with a beer
Sellin dope from the back of the stairs
That's when it was Clair (Clair, Clair)
But thanks to Game and this life
to keep hip-hop alive for the ones alive
And even my niggaz that's dead and gone
Every time in smoke and it's like them niggaz still live on
Hustlin, I still do it
Celebrate and elevate your mind
Little Bizzy gotta keep it movin
Everybody on the first still high (high, high, high)

[Interlude: The Game] + (Chris Brown)
"Jesus Piece," December 11th
We celebratin the birth, death
and the resurrection of Black Jesus
But until then (put the purp' in the bluuuuuunt)
Yeah, Breezy! (yeah)


[Outro: The Game]
Put the purp' in the bluuuuuuuunt