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Artist: Game f/ 2 Chainz, Curren$y, Diddy, DJ Khaled, Fabolous, King Pharaoh, Problem, Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz, TGT, Wale, Yo Gotti
Album:  Don't Shoot (S)
Song:   Don't Shoot
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: DJ Khaled]
Our Lord, grant us good in this world
And good in the life, to come keep us safe from the torment of the fire
As we keep our hands up high and scream for justice
Ferguson, rest in peace Mike Brown and all the young soldiers out there
God help us

[Chorus: King Pharaoh + children]
Time to take a stand and save our future
Like we all got shot, we all got shot
Throwin' up our hands don't let them shoot us
Cause we all we got, we all we got
God ain't put us on the Earth to get murdered - it's murrrr-der
God ain't put us on the Earth to get murdered - it's murrrr-der
Don't point your weapons at me

Seen the pictures, feel the pain, scandalous how they murder son
Tired of them killin' us, I'm on my way to Ferguson
Talked to Tip, I talked to Diddy, them my brothers walkin' with me
Mothers cryin' stop the riots, we ain't got to chalk the city
I seen Cole out there, thought I should go out there
They left that boy for hours in the cold out there
They killin' teens, they killin' dreams 
(It's murrrrder)

Yo, c'mon 
We gotta stick together, we all we got (we all we got)
Police takin' shots and I ain't talkin' 'bout Cîroc (let's go)
I'm talkin' 'bout Emmett Till, I'm talkin' 'bout Ezell Ford (yeah)
I'm talkin' 'bout Sean Bell (c'mon) they never go to jail for (nah)
Trayvon over Skittles, Mike Brown Cigarillos ('rillos?)
History keeps repeatin' itself like a Biggie instrumental
America's a glass house and my revenge is mental (my revenge is mental)
Rather use my brain than throw a cocktail through a window

[Rick Ross]
We the last niggas..
I got the keys to the city still we left in the cold
Hands in the sky, still was left in the road
Ribbon in the sky, Michael Brown, another soul
Stole by the system, black men we pay the toll
The price is your life, Uncle Sam want a slice
Black dress code now we lootin' in the night
Now we throwin' Molotovs in this holocaust
And I know they hate to hear me screamin' "I'm a Boss!"
{"Maybach Music"}


[2 Chainz]
Tired of the okie-dokie, lyin' you Pinocchio
Drivin' while black, tell me, where am I supposed to go?
Gun shots hit the car, now I got the Holy Ghost
If excessive force was a drug then they'd overdosed
Got us tryna protest, it's a slow process
Heard it's a lot of rotten eggs in the crow's nest
People prayin' on they feet, police holdin' on with heat
Turned on the news and seen a tank rollin' down the street

Yeah, I seen a lot of ice water tossed, and I know it's for a cause
My only question is, what we doin' for the loss
of Mike Brown? Cause right now, I challenge you to use your talents to
speak up, and don't you ever let them silence you
Cause action speaks louder than words, that's what I heard
Shot down with his hands up, that's what occurred
Man that sound absurd, matter fact to me that sound like murrrr-der
We want justice

[Yo Gotti]
Ayo Game, I had a crib out there, I used to live out there
So I know how niggas feel out there
People stressin', protestin', unity is a blessin'
So it's time we come together, use our voice as a weapon
I am Michael Brown, cause I stand for what he stand for
News say we're looting, paint pictures like we some animals
On my N.W.A CMG
Hollin' "Rest in peace Eazy and fuck the police"

Heard another brother slain up in St. Louis
Sure the mother feel the pain, but what you famous doin'?
I’m sure the general population tryin' to be more active
But when the light finally catches you, you +ice challenge+
Okay, and I support the ALS just like the rest of them
But you have yet to pay your debt, so you just flexin' then
Cause everybody care for a minute, then stop
People only there for a minute, then stop
And what's the point of giving'if you ain't givin' your all?
We never gettin' ahead, might as well give up your heart

Where does it end?
I got my hands up, what else am I supposed to do?
Where does it end?
Tell me, where's the love for everything we're goin' through?
Mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy me (hope that God can save us)
Mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy me

[Swizz Beatz]
Rest in peace to Mike Brown, and all the other fallen soldiers
That will not be on the news or televised, ah!
As we lead in peace

Martin Luther King had a dream~! But they ain't respectin' Jesse up out here
And they don't really respect Obama out here
Lights out, go dark it's like a nightmare (yeah)
How the fuck you play the game, but they ain't playin' fair (they ain't playin' fair)
It's goin' down, armageddon right here (right here)
Right now, not on TV, but right here
Put your flags in the air if you don't really care (wave 'em!)
We need justice, yeah, we need justice here~! (OH!)

Uhh, I heard he surrendered 
but we all saw how they did him
Television broadcasts, a confused country
I'm a resident of a nation that don't want me
What's done is done, the town erupts in fury
And I'm already hearin' bout this lopsided jury
Three faces like his, the rest another story
A lot of motherfuckers need to act more worried

The revolution has been televised; if I sit here and do don't do nothin'
Homie, that's genocide - fuck that, we have arrived!
And who cares who ain't on our side cause we on our own
How do you preach peace to a family that just lost they own?
My brodie Game just banged my line like "We gotta do somethin'"
All that marchin' and that peace ain't gonna fuckin' do nothin'
Fuck it, my moms, sorry, I'm ready to rage
The police done let the animals out of the cage! 
Oh Lord it's

[Chorus] - sung by little girl

[Diddy] Stand up