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Artist: The Game
Album:  Duck Down 12"
Song:   Duck Down
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Yo big Chuck this one of them bangers man

[Verse 1]
Fresh out the drop
Chuck Taylors hit the street crack In the ground
there he go with the crack and the pound
I'm right here ain't no backin me down
hands on the hot hood Compton sheriffs pack me down
they wanna know about the tattoo tears
If I know 50 and why them guns blow like Lionel Richie
If my nine get Itchy, somebody gotta pass away
like thet bitch nigga that killed Jam Master Jay
you don't like It you can come get my ass today
I'll be waitin with a vest, ski mask and K
niggaz left me for dead back In the day
I found out It was a hard knock life without askin Jay
It's a hard knock life then you pass away
rest In peace to Mossberg pour out a glass of Zay
this for all my niggaz in Compton killin
give me 5 years nigga I'm bringin Compton millions

Well I come from Murderville
where them gangsta's and hustlers live
little kids out on the block
hollow points and Harlem rocks
don't seem like it's gonna change
look In my eyes you can feel my pain
It's a war out on them blocks
duck down when you hear them shots

[Verse 2]
Back In the building, back to the war
by that Jackie Robinson mirror I used to sell crack by the wall
hoppin fences with the crack in my drawers
I got bitches that'll hit the pennitentiary stuff the crack in they walls pause
take off the jewels and the bandannas
let me holla at my nigga Jim Jones and Santanna
thanks for representing, but when teks is spittin
one shot spin around the block I think we left a witness
I'm from the coast where props are never given
fuck rap I start makin wooden boxes for a living
nigga, they call me Sargent Slaughter
cuz the sargents on them S.Carters, von ductches and a quarter water
I know Jesus but he don't walk accross the water
I call him Je-sus he get that chalk accross the border
park that grey goose I put that chalk around your daughter
But I got patients and I'm just what the doctor ordered