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Artist: The Game f/ Keyshia Cole, Jadakiss, Bun B, Pusha T (The Clipse), Fat Joe, Young Buck, Queen Latifah 
Album:  Game's Pain (Remix) 12"
Song:   Game's Pain (Remix)
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[Intro - Keyshia Cole]
Eyyy-yeaa... (Oh yeah)
Heeeey, yeah...

[The Game - Verse One]
The duffle bags and Benjis spreaded through the city
The Lambo's and Bentley's sittin on 20s
Thinkin back, when I had the fall blue and black Pennys'
Listenin to Faith on the Funk Flex tape (Ah-HEH!!)
Like BAM, before Diddy was a mogul
I had the low-lows, JBL speakers bangin Total
I like the lead singer, the dark one
And Biggie had a Benz when I wish I could park one
Shed a couple tears when I heard that he caught one
So everytime I drive down, wish I'll spark one, for you and 'Pac
Wish both of y'all had +One More Chance+
Like I wish 'Ye and Donda had one more dance

[Jadakiss - Verse Two]
Hah-HEEEEEH!!! Yo, back when it was already to sell ready rock
My top two was Rakim and Freddie Foxxx
We know, they were both deep dudes
The G. Rap came out with "Ill Street Blues"
BDP took me all through school
And Bobby Brown told us, +Don't Be Cruel+
Krush Groove had us thinkin we was all cool
These are the reasons why I'm payin my dues
Shoulda saw how your boy was dressed
Do it from Grand Daddy I.U. and Lord Finesse
Feel some kinda way, get if off your chest
Get embarrassed, "It's My Thing", Erick and Parrish
Learn how to maneuver, listenin to Slick Rick
the Ruler, Dana Dane made me more smoother

[Bun B - Verse Three]
R.I.P. Pimp C
Game, let me take 'em down to the South one time
Where the cars and the rims and the mouths on shine
I grew up on the Geo Boys, talkin 'bout they was from Fifth Ward
"Balls and My Word" had me ridin through Fifth Ward
lookin for the Rap-A-Lot office
Tryna kick a flow and hopin Rap-A-Lot offers me a deal
Had to keep it trill so I can bust
like E from O.G. Style and Rick from Royal Flush
I came up, in the ghetto manye, the G way
Listenin to Luke and the Ghetto Style DJ's
Poison Clan, Shy-D and the Gucci Crew
Dreamin one day that I could rock some Gucci too
Breakout, like the Convicts, don't even trip
Parked the candy 'cross the pen, bumped the Ganksta Nip
Manye, little did I know that the time was comin
for me and Pimp to shine on 'em like a +Chrome Plated Woman+ - fo' real!

[Chorus: Keyshia Cole]
See ever since the day I got the chance to make a change
I've been in this game, it's a new day
And I'm makin it known 'cause, I just want the world to know
I'm payin my dues, and I got the utmost, I just wanna let you know
I'm payin homage 'cause, you've paved the way for meeee, ye-yeah

[Pusha T - Verse Four] {overlapping chorus}
{Okay, yanahmsayin? Gotta understand I'm from Virginia}
{Rap money was like a FAIRY tale to me, you know?}
It was all a dream, until Teddy Riley hit the scene
Floatin through Virginia Beach in ALL the machines
EYUGH! - He was posse deep, runnin niggaz Jeep
Lambos and the Porches ridin back and back through the streets
I was more of Nas, OG's was more Jigga
Lu' was like, "How you like the army jacket nigga?"
When he wear Versace - young nigga, get like me
He was poppin Cris' in 88 when Eric "Eazy-E"
Wright/right - I was on the wrong mission
Started puple tape {?} in the kitchen, poppa listenin
Whoever thought it'll be this?
Pusha Tongue, Keyshia Cole, Game on the remix - PAIN

[Fat Joe - Verse Five]
JMJ, my homey Mac Dre
Big L, Big Pun, Big-gie (talk to 'em)
2Pac "Live and Die in L.A." (L.A.!)
N.W.A., I used to love Eazy
Back when everybody was doin The Hump
I was Radio Raheem in Reebok Pumps
Used to ask for the mic everytime they fronted
Damn, I feels good to see people up on it!
KRS, the Furious Five (Waddup Kris?)
Cold Crush show me how to dress fly (yep)
Latifah "U-N-I-T-Y"
This is when hip-hop was alive, Cal-ca

[The Game - Verse Six]
Clack, cookin, Joe, good lookin
The remix is big - BROOKLYN
Bed-Stuy, teardrop on my left eye
Star on the other one, L, we got antoher one
+Mama Said Knock You Out+, so I'ma do it
The South gon' love it - chop it {SCREW IT}
Slow it down, then bring it back up
G-G-G U-NO!! Nigga, it's Young Buck!

[Young Buck - Verse Seven]
I'm talkin bout Scarface, OutKast, and 8Ball
UGK all day is what we would play, dawg
I was in the blind like my name Ray Charles
Thangs you go through, Game, is what make stars (aight)
All of my enemies - I don't hate y'all
'Cause I understand that it's +ME+ that make y'all (what?!)
Louie bag luggage, my plane 'bout to take off
I'm helpin my people get back what they lost (EYY!!) 
Blood of a Black Panther, a born boss
STILL gettin letters from the penitentiary
"Freeway" Rick Ross and even Lil' Jimmy
So if I slip up, I KNOW where they gon' send me (let's go!)
You don't! But all the real folk roll wit me
You won't! So I'ma hold down yo' city
You want me, shawty, now the time to come and get me
I'm Makaveli-trained and we on that ol' +Biggie+ - YA HEAR ME?!

[The Game]
Young Buck, welcome home nigga...
Queen Latifah...

[Queen Latifah]
Whatcha wanna do, baby BOY?
(...take me out)
You don't want it, you don't know how it goes down
(Jadakiss, Bun B, Fat Joe, Pusha T)
Ooooooooooh, yeaaaaah..
Yeaaaaah, last night Latifah saved my life
OH! Oh - Last night Latifah saved my life in the cluuub...
Last night Latifah saved my life - in the club
Yeah, last night Latifah saved my life in the cluuuuuuub...
In the club - you thought she was a thug
You thought she was that, chick
that, you, see, all up at the club
Last night Latifah saved your life
Last night latifah saved your life - in the club
(If it wasn't for you, it wouldn't be me)
It was ON...crackin..
poppin.. pushin..
But I pulled that and - Oh, snap! Word?
She hold it? Oh! GAME in the club..
(*whispers* REMIX!)