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Artist: The Game f/ R. Kelly
Album:  You Know What it Is Volume 3
Song:   Playas Only
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[The Game]
Bells, it's the new "12Play"
Bells (Game y'all) throw the pussy like Elway
Bells, I wanna see your tail shake
Bells, when you hear R. Kel' say

[R. Kelly]
Players only
We where them tricks be jerkin they bodies
Up in the club where they get real naughty
They come from here to the private party
Where there ain't nothin but - players only
Where the players be spendin a lot of dough
Honies got ass bouncin on the flo'
This is how we do behind the player's do'

[The Game]
I'm still fresh like uhh, Impala uhh
Trey's young gun still ridin the bass, drum
(Sha) Four times plati-num
"Hate it or Love It," I'm still number - one
Still in the hood one hand on my gun
And my trigger finger still make bitches come
I mean the one with the ring in her tongue
Compton R., Kelly found her in the slums
Shakin that rump, both hands on her pumps
Send her home with me, I'll have your girl yellin UHHH
Kels my bitch drunk
But her two girlfriends still wanna have, fun
Pass the blunt, let her drink red rum
Bet she ain't never seen the penthouse at The Trump
Me and R. been around the world
And we'll give it to you just how you like it girrrrl

[R. Kelly]
Girl you on a mission
Up in the club, shuttin down competition
That way you walk it, talk it, switch it
And when the doors close handle yo' business
Now make your booty go
(Boom, boom-boom-boom) break it down now
(Boom, boom-boom-boom) bring it up now
(Boom, boom-boom-boom) push it back girl
(Boom, boom-boom-boom)

[The Game]
Kels you crazy {*repeats*}