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Artist: Timbo King
Album:  Gangsta Chronicles
Song:   4 Da Record
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Intro: Timbo King]
Yeah, yeah, it's Brooklyn, nigga
Fort Knox, nigga
Last night the DJ saved yo' life...
Yeah, yeah, last night the DJ saved yo' life...

[Timbo King]
Aiyo, face it, this rap shit ain't meant for you
You will never get to Tony Touch or be with Clue
I heard enough of that shit, Enuff don't play yo' shit
Kap clapped you for that mix you did, it's no spins
Only cats that's copping yo' shit is yo' friends
And that don't count, kid, you need more sales
Now how you s'pose to sell without Coco Chanel?
Even the Whoo Kid be like "Who this kid?"
Stop pressing, you got S&S second guessing
Whether or not yo' shit is hot or lame
Red Alert said "Baby boy, potty train on 1200s"
On a slow day I count 1200
I know a lot of niggaz, more than 1200
I know a lot of bitches, more than 1200
You wanna send wax to Stretch Armstrong?
We the ones popping cuz we strong arm
Off the Remy red, Cypher not with yo' Sounds
Rachet's out, pop you now, stop you now
Them cassettes and CD's, you could see D's
I'm rolling up that, it's Hoffa if you see these
There's no burn when it comes to Flex
Just no bombs when it comes to Flex
Don't get gassed, Kayslay been told me ya shit was trash
Mr. Cee on Gates Ave, he at the lab (haha)
Ask Envy, some cats envy
You wanna play the thug up in Club Envy
Par quit it, kid, you can't Rock with Pete
Now for the record, off the record...
Yeah, yeah, yeah, and y'all Kids pushing Capri's
You look like dollar cabs, why try this?
You making DJ Khaled mad, now add that to the bill
Now I'ma take it back like Flash on the wheels of steel
So check it, mic check, testing, one, two
And Ron G wanna son you, plus he bust guns too
You know Scoop is like "It's not Colorado, man"
Awkward joints, Joyce can't scratch, man
No zigga digga, Frank, Jigga, my nigga
Now for the record, bring it back
Platinum hands, gold fingers...
Yeah, last night the DJ saved yo' life...
Last night...