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Artist: Timbo King f/ Amerie
Album:  Gangsta Chronicles
Song:   Everytime ('Talkin' to Me' Remix)
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Timbo King]
Everytime, you pick the wrong frame of mind, mama
I'm on the streets, on the grind, mama
Now you know I just signed, I gots to shine, mama
Stop acting like you don't know my kind, mama
Cuz I'm the realest cat, you gon' find, mama
Gangsta, with the nine, mama, I'm big time
You'se a queen on my team, I love you, yo
Rub me slow, I thug you though, shine light on that fucked up toe
Let the bubbly flow, kiss me here, yeah yeah right there
So be real with it, love me, or love me not, yo I'mma deal with it
Some say, you no good, a hood rat
I see more than that, a precious pearl
Daddy little girl, turn bitch over night
Considered it's a thug letter, sorta like a poem
Ghetto queen, you the bomb, love, open arms

Your always actin so composed and cool
Never got to many words for me (To many words)
You always turn your head and make sure I see (Just to make sure)
Baby ain't nothin' wrong with the love
That you and I dream of, so sweet
Your eyes can say more than your lips can speak
My friends say that they just can't see (They just can't see)
How a love unspoken can be so deep (Can be so deep)
And every time that you look my way
I see, what your heart wants to say to me

[Chorus 4X: Amerie]
Every time our eyes meet (oh yeah)
Be talkin' talkin' talkin' talkin' to me (talkin' to me)
Talkin' talkin' talkin' talkin' to me
Just ain't no need for words to speak (Ain't no need for words)
Cause every TOUCH (BETWEEN US)
Be talkin' talkin' talkin' to me (no no no no no)
Be talkin' talkin' talkin' to me

[Outro: Amerie]
No need for words
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah
Oh oh