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Artist: Timbo King
Album:  Gangsta Chronicles
Song:   Magazine
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Timbo King]
Yeah, yeah, Bo King, Fort Knox
Knock the door down, Armel, Ancient Coins
Brooklyn, yeah, to be frankly speaking
Frank 151, yeah, aiyo, be careful out there on the streets
Aiyo, yo, aiyo, aiyo

[Timbo King]
Bo 747 crash head on
Any mic that I get on I spit on, I'm dead on
For all yall, Yo who try to portray
You get blown away into small balls of clay
So far yous a duck, With wings and a tail
Your bitch stalkin, She downstairs ringin my bell
Cause death is hell, Life is heaven
Live eternal through the power of words that's revealed through a journal
The black herbal smoke in professional lungs
Them black ratchets, The big ones professional guns
Yeah, Murder in the first, Blast first ask second
Cats heard what the fuck I said, My last record
So kick rocks, This is where your bullshit pit-stops
Blow, Twin glocks push you back 10 blocks
A half a mile, No you not laughin now
Nigga, Cowards, Be careful, The Streets is dangerous
Bo King Fort Knox, Armel, Coins, Brooklyn
Frankly speakin, Frank 1-5-1 nigga