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Artist: Timbo King
Album:  Gangsta Chronicles
Song:   Party 2 Nite
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Timbo King]
Yeah, aiyo, Fort Knox, nigga
Yeah, uh-huh

[Chorus: Timbo King]
Cuz it's a party tonight
We gettin' high, gettin' drunk at the party tonight
I got bitches in the truck, wanna party tonight
And we all gon' fuck after the party tonight
Yeah, yeah, cuz it's a party tonight
A thousand niggas at the bar, at the party tonight
And we all coppin' son, at the party tonight
You wanna fight? At the party tonight

[Hook: Timbo King]
Yeah, who about to run this shit? Bo King
Who be rocking that brick? It's Bo King
Who gon' snatch yo bitch, it's Bo King
What? Bo King, yeah, Bo, aiyo

[Timbo King]
Aiyo, up in the club, bout forty deep
Outside forty jeeps, every man pushing they own whip
Yeah, leather interior, grain or wood
23's a great look, look, I'm out of the hood
Gangsta, gangsta, yeah I died, if you could
You fuck around, you get popped in your hood, fall back
Yeah, hoes know I fuck for one common cause
A condom and a Guiness and I'm all in it
Yeah, I know for sure, that I'm platinum plus
Cuz that wack shit out now, you just as much
Yeah, I know for sure, that I'm platinum plus
Cuz that wack shit out now, you just as much


[Timbo King]
Aiyo, gangsta, nigga, Dutch cigar
In clubs we rushing the bar, it's bottles up
Money in the bank, but it's still not enough
Stand up, all I see is hands up
New prada chicks in they man's truck
A hundred grand on the scan, what
Now do the damn thing, nigga, now
What you gonna do? Not a damn thing
Haze and liquor, whipping on the turnpikes
You got 'dro and the ale, let it burn right
Pop it off, ya'll cats, knock it off
Six double O, bubble and the top is off
Cash involved, bitch, put your ass involved
So high we laugh at ya'll, ask them all
Ask them all, nigga