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Artist: Tony Touch f/ Angie Martinez, Rah Digga
Album:  The Piece Makers 3: Return of the 50 MC's
Song:   Ladies First
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[Intro: Angie Martinez] (Rah Digga)
Ok people it's Angie Martinez
Gather 'round here today with my brother Tony Toca for a monumental moment
This is the return of the 50 MC's! 
The legendary 50 MC's!!! Piece Maker 3!!!
You asked for it! You got it! 50 Mc's for that ass!!!!
(We goin! We goin! We goin!)

[Verse One: Rah Digga]
We goin! Non-stop from hopscotch and pop rocks
Foul comin out of my mouth like I'm a shock jock
Got it locked stop hip hop block watch
Swishin on these boys on net, watch the shot clock
Do the fox trot all in your snot box
Stomp a hole on 'em like sasquatch 
See I could go on for eternity, non-stop the jouney be
Self proclaimed G.O.A.T. I know I know the nerve of me
The constant aggression, ever since adolescence
If I didn't know better, I think my ass was molested
Take it out on these records, you should see they expressions
Hey conscious music lovers yeah I do have a message
No it's not introspective, but a valuable lesson
Fuck around and get smoked, nothin left but some grazin
Fuck around and get choked, might leave some impressions
Be very afraid when Digga Digga in your session boy!

[Outro: Rah Digga]
Niggas is not hot y'all borderline! Even my daughter rhyme!
50 MC's!!! Y'all supported nine!
Tony Toca!!!! Uh! Beatnuts! Digga Digga y'all!!
Brick City! Digga Digga Y'all!!!!