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Artist: Tony Yayo
Album:  Thoughts of a Predicate Felon
Song:   Live by the Gun
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[Tony Yayo]
Yo, Word up man
Fuckin cold out here, man.
My fuckin toes is killin me, man
I fuckin been on the block all day, man
But you know I gotta get this money rain, sleat, snow, man
Fuck man, yo man listen...

[Verse 1]
Yo we project livin, with plastic on the furniture
Little niggaz comin up will fuckin try to murda ya
D's not out, so the coast is clear
But it's getting hard to sleep with this roach in my ear
Everybody got a nina. Everybody got a vest
New York City's the arena of death
Yo the strip movin slow, but everybody goin hard
Seein more D's than a damn report card
Everybody rap now, following these dreams
I'ma call my clientele, man, and sign all my fiends
Same gear for a week, wearin dirty cloths
All day in the spot, by a dirty stove
Trials keep me strong, hope keep me happy
But I'm only human, so these niggaz wanna clap me
The drug game over, but there's money to make
So niggaz clappin at niggaz who raise that crime rate

You could live by the gun, or die by the bullet
You niggaz push me, for sure I'm gon pull it
Material objects got the world crooked
In my hood, they hustle, and be on that good shit
Snakes in the grass be on that bullshit
Niggaz that's ass stay with a full clip
Guns get blast, niggaz on that shook shit
So live by the gun, or die by the bullet

[Verse 2]
The rhymes you spit could embarrass the city
When my game bag names like Paris and Nikki
Load the semi, I'm in the spot carvin the crack
You stunt, I'll leave my bullets lodged in ya back
New York City, everything move fast
Little girls get pregnant, throw they baby in the trash
China white whizzy movin quickly on the ave
The same dope that Whitney in the rehab
Up early in the morning, cause there's money to earn
Cause the early bird be the one that catch the worm
We got nicks, tres, twenties and dimes
Got my spot lookin like a soul train line
Fuck doin time, I'm tryin to progress
Get that money, nigga, serve ya projects
Hustlin homie, that's all I know
In the summertime, I could make the whole strip snow