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Artist: Too $hort f/ Dolla Will, E-40, Mr. F.A.B.
Album:  Blow the Whistle
Song:   I Want Your Girl
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Chorus: Too $hort]
I want yo' girl, she's so damn fine
She's sexier and looks way better than mine
I want yo' girl, she wants me too
And if you don't, let her go, I'll take her from you

[Too $hort]
Watchin that ass made me lose my breath
She can leave with me, go cruise in my whip
Take her clothes off and do her like hell
If I don't take your girl, who would I get?
Nutted in her mouth and it looked like Crest
I said here, brush your teeth with this
And now she's soakin wet, what's next?
Me and yo' girl havin sex
I told her she could get it
She told me she was wit it
She know I want to hit it
Come back braggin, tell the homies I did it
I wish I could
Bang in the pussy like it's my hood
I'm strapped for the driveby
Turn her out with this "Up All Nite" life


The grind is a terrible thang to waste
Try not to catch me a case, quarters dimes nickels and eighths
Parked in my lark at 3 A.M. in the dark
Gettin my dick sucked, but here come the NARC
Ooooh, tellin me to depart
Went to school with the nigga, the nigga used to be a mark
See me on the Lowenhart's skippin and skatin
Burnin Pirelli meat, gassin and brakin
Strikin through the trap with my beanie cap
With a throwaway 9 and some D in the back
E'ryday livin livin life as a savage
Fistfights and gun battles cause it come with the package
Well above average, mack game impeccable
Don't blame me if ya broad wanna get sexual
She got her legs on a player shoulder
Back bent like she doin yoga

[Chorus] - minus half of first line

[Dolla Will]
Dolla - she ain't never seen a hustler like this
15 karats on the right wrist
And ain't no tellin what's on the other hand
I'm like T.I., I keep a "Rubberband"
I'm eatin, them niggaz is fastin
I fuck off a rack on a pair of Fendi glasses
It ain't nuttin cause I'm Dolla Will
I keep a bitch lookin like she from Brazil
Some niggaz try but it's in me
If that's the kush she slip then I'ma knock {?}
I'm in the club, found one that's friendly
She say she with her man but tryin to come with me


[Mr. F.A.B.]
The yellow bus rider, Mr. F.A.B.
I'm the, dumbest of dummies that do it but with thizz
Let me borrow your broad, let me borrow your bitch
Give it here, pimpin I'll give her back
Leave her used, bruised, confused front to the back
"Beat It" like Mike Jack, I bet you won't like that
She lead them right back, man where yo' wife at?
Uhh, I like the way that she lookin
I don't care if she stolen wifed or tooken
I ain't trippin, I'ma take her down
Got the game from my dad and Gangsta Brown
I mean, I thought, I'm still thinkin
Hop in my scraper, what you smoke what you drinkin?
Do me cause I'ma sho' do you
What it dookie, yadda daa boo boo

[Outro: Too $hort]
I want yo' girl, she's so damn fine
She's sexier and looks way better than mine