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Artist: Too $hort f/ E-40
Album:  Pimpin' Incorporated
Song:   Cootie Cootie Coo
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Chorus: E-40 + some girl]
[E-40] I need some cootie cootie coo!
[girl] I need a player just like you
[E-40] I need some cootie cootie coo!
[girl] I need a hustler just like you
[E-40] I need some cootie cootie coo!
[girl] I need a gangster just like you
[E-40] I need some cootie cootie coo!
[girl] I need a baller just like you

Dem your friends over there? Nah! Who you with then, nobody?
That's what I figured
Sittin at the bar, pervin all by yourself
Gettin nice and liquored
You said - truuue, I'm havin problems with my dawg
And I said - oooh, my broad just left me for a broad
We in the same boat foxy lady lil' momma pretty woman
I'm beginnin to think we got somethin in common
Confirmation, verification, lack of communication in our relationship
Drama (drama) just picture me and you gettin our freak on in the sauna (sauna)
Stress free without no rubbers or no condoms (condoms)
That's the real, treatin each other, crustaceans, {?} or Benihana's
No more 7/11, time for real chimichongas
Sheeeit, f'real f'real, we'll change the program up so quick


[Too $hort]
I see her choosin, it won't take me long
I got too much game, so I cain't be wrong
Ain't no safety zone, for a bitch when I'm around
I lead her anywhere and go pimp her by the town
I'm Too $hort baby that's what I do
You wanna play all the broads, but I do too
You know the rules of the game, take my hoe, ain't no shame
Cause I can do the same thang
You wanna sleep wit her, be sneaky and try to creep wit her
She take his cash and he let her
Not knowin, I was gon' get it all
You love the way we players ball


[Too $hort]
She like them paid niggaz, let 'em have they way wit it
She like them baller niggaz yaeh you know we all hit it
She like them real G's who treat her like she's filthy
She like to keep the square even though she still be fuckin
with that other nigga, that's what she likes
Niggaz packin pistols

Niggaz ridin bikes
Rated PG if you keep on the lights
You ain't gotta work hard, you his wife
Fight in clubs and I'm lookin at the price
Nails and toes, get some done
Not his kid but he calls him son
I don't know what you did but you got him sprung
Never me doe (me doe) I'm hard as a diamond
That ain't me hoe (me hoe) I'm a hustler
be timin to the utmost (utmost) shinin and grindin
with my kinfolk (kinfolk) collectin and stackin my loot
Steppin with soldiers and trues, pimpin and panderin hoes
Strikin a player pose (strikin a player pose)

[Chorus] - 1/2

That's what she is
A funky, once a month bleedin, dirty down BITCH
That what she is, you know what I'm sayin?
Like you call me a pimp
Somebody somebody would take that offensively
A square would, you know what I'm sayin?
Or some, some brothers get mad cause you say nigga
Right? Well the bitch, to her
At least to, to my hoes, that's more of a, a pet name