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Artist: Too $hort f/ The Game
Album:  Pimpin' Incorporated
Song:   I'm Wit It
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[The Game]
Hey yo $hort, they ain't ready for this one nigga

Whatever you want I got it, ammos, cars and chips
Yards of sniff, flood the boulevard with bricks
Hard or soft, raw get flipped, B.I. slash O.G.
Know about hoes, broads and strips
Hatchback I stuff 'em all with dicks, nasty nigga
Whup mo' ass than Steven Seagal in flicks
Like, it's a Spike thing, I do the right thing
Smack ass silly, bitches call me Sweet Dick Willie
Cause my cum, tastes like Now or Laters
So it attracts like strawberries and crocodile gators
On backs like a scout for the Raiders
Turn wifes into hoes so if your girlfriend blow, then she go
If she ain't legal, she can't mob at Teddy's
We can't bump and grind and I ain't Robert Kelly
So act like the broad in _Belly_, face down
Ass up, that's how I like to fuck

[Chorus: unknown female]
Whatever you want I got it
If there's money to make, let's spend it
Whatever you need, come get it
And it feels so good to me - I'm wit it

[Too $hort]
I'm lovin life, what'chu want me to say?
I'm tryin to tell the whole world, they goin dumb in the bay
They don't care if you don't like it, it's fun anyway
We smoke bomb in the bay on a sunny day
It's rainin buds, comin straight from Humboldt
Got a blunt rolled, a trunk full and still want mo'
It's not enough, light it up and get fucked up
You got a rat in the hood, 'bout to get sucked up
Yeah bitch, shut up and swallow the nut
Or turn around, and let me shoot it all in yo' butt
Cause I'm a freaky nigga when I get these sluts
And you a nasty girl, you like to lick these nuts
So when you call my phone and say pick me up
Cause you want me to shove this dick in yo' gut
I'ma do it, fold you like a 50 dollar bill
Fuck you real good and say, "Bitch how's it feel?"

[unknown female]
Feels so good to me {*3X*}
Feels so good to me - I'm wit it

Ay 'Face man why don't you let these punk-ass niggas know what time it is

I don't wanna let these niggaz know what time it is
Because if I let niggaz know what time it is
Then niggaz is gon' tryin to use they clocks to try to set they time to mine
Dig that

[The Game]
Hey yo $hort, they ain't ready for this one nigga