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Artist: Tow Down f/ Lil Flash, Lil Flip
Album:  By Prescription Only
Song:   We Shinin'
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[Lil Flip] 
I might be in a drop top Jag
Girl I'm a thug I'ma let my pants sag
Ride on chrome all day
This what we do down here where I stay
Diamonds in yo face look in my piece
You aint seen shit girl look in my teeth
I'm gon shine like stars
You aint never seen cars like ours
We spend cash, roll on 3's
I spend money like it grow on trees
I'm Lil Flip, and I ball
Me, Red, Hum, AP, and Boss Hawg
Sucka free and Dime Records got stacks
Bubbled-eyed Benzos and Cadillacs
We all ball for the millenium
I'm filthy rich and I aint even 21
[Tow Down] What them boys gotta do ride on 20 inch chrome
[Lil Flip] Burn up in the candy Benz, leave the Lexus at home
[Tow Down] You boys might be glowin'
[Lil Flip] When I open my mouth
[Tow Down] You see nothin but precious cuts 
[Lil Flip] In the Dirty South
(repeat 2 times)
[Lil Flip] Coz we shinin
[Tow Down] Say what?
[Lil Flip] Livin our life like stars
[Tow Down] We some g's blowin trees in our foreign cars
[Tow Down] 
As I skate down ya block, big body on blades
Don't hate, white on white, put it out Escalade
Blowin trees, TVs, green, CDs, and DVDs
I'm high but lo-key, ridin SUVs
The boy wonder, the block burner, the blade runner
The street stunner, the head turner like Ted Turner
High-dollar baller keepin the 'dro in stock
I hit the spot, drop the top and I pop the crop 
You know the name, top billin and chillin
White boy in your hood, and I'm makin a killin
Rhymin and stealin, I'm shipping a million
Gone go platinum so now the South got a villain
Story told
In a time of need, money sex and weed
Rhyme time for Dime, power, profit, and poetry
Ride four V-12, B-1 Pirelli steel
Retracting the dome like Enron field
How ya feel?
[Lil Flash]
Bashin in UFO
Automatic 2-4
In the 21st century stop handcuffin hoes
When I open my mouth, watch the crystals blind
It helps ya learn every word when I speak my rhyme
Up the block I climb scream stall and shine
Burn off in candy Benz and leave the Lexus behind
Starched jeans, polo shirts, on a quest like Johnny
Boss Hawg affiliated so you cant outgrind me
Customized, bubble-eyes, to the starchiest ties
Cartier I wear no its not a disguise
Southern stars been ridin on 20 inch chrome
They'll be shinin like sun through the top of the dome
They call me Lil Flash playa coz I'm settin it off
I'm a shinin star from the Dirty South
Lil Flash, and Kwee, popped up on 3
2000 shinin hard for the world to see