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Artist: Trackademicks f/ Phonte
Album:  State of the Arts
Song:   Fool on the Hill
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Yeah, people always seem to question me, asking me irrationally
Did I chose my destiny? Will money be my apogee?
End all, be all, nah that's a seesaw
Even when you balling, you can always hit the bottom
Every single morning's like a practice on how to get up
So I don't get my ass kicked, I'm doing mostly sit-ups
Supporters bout to tag this like writers doing hit-ups
With that "it" factor, now they all tryna get us
Or get with us like a bad chick with a body
Always acting kinda naughty like she handing out punani
And she ain't gagging like a lolly?
I must be popping if that's how bad you want me
Cause just a minute ago I had original flows
and exceptionally slap with professional tact
to keep the fresh on the map, but they weren't messing with that
But now they are, cause this emcee's a lesson in that

[Chorus: Trackademicks]
They always ask you, dude how you feel?
You look like you just found a two dollar bill
Is that right? Well who got the skrill'?
It couldn't be me, I'm just a fool on the hill
And the world keeps spinning round
Nothing y'all say could ever get me down
And the world keeps spinning round
For those who didn't feel me, bet you feel me now

Yeah, uh, yellow like caution, pause as your boy paint a portrait
of the artist as a young man starving
Young man learning with so many turns and twists
in his flow that you might get carsick
Might be awarded for beefing
but you don't wanna beef hoe nigga, eat a parsnip
Might see niggas act bitch but then they wanna switch
and hitch they little red wagon to your starship
Please Mister Coleman, Phontigga beg your pardon
Don't mean to gloat, but I would love to float
up on your love boat to get away from my hardship
Now I see why niggas be on that rockstar shit
Because the game will make you paranoid
And all your friends and your foes say it come with the territory
They wanna watch you die slow like Miss Evans voice
So when I do my own thing, I know I'm better for it, uh

[Chorus: Phonte]

I told her I'ma need some space now
She told me look up at the night sky, you won't find it face down
I can see she on the chase now
Don't she know no one's gonna take her place now?
She told me don't forget the little people grinding
Open your eyelids, where I live my time spent with giants
Mind states supersized, mine is the small fry's
Why underestimate the impact you had on mine?
I'm rolling with bosses who know what the cost is
Know what the work is, know how to bargain
Know how to work this
Know when to pause at the politics and nonsense that curse this
So when you catch me in traffic I'm passing
the gridlocking, shit-talking road rage for open lanes
And don't try to slow me down
Cause when they hold me down, that's when I float away