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Artist: Trae
Album:  Tha Truth
Song:   Book of Life
Typed by: Lil Hustle

You know the only thing I find crazy these days
You can't never get the good without the bad
Bad without the worse, I guess God give his strongest battles
To his hardest soldiers huh, look

What the fuck have I ever done to you
To make you hate, me but still mistake me
And try to relate me, to what you make me
And that ain't true, still that won't break me
Shit I lost it all, but I'm back again
Keeping it real, they got me under attack again
Ain't no fuck shit, that's some'ing I'm lacking in
I don't trust shit, I see what's happening
Fight for what's right, you end up fucked up
I'm sick of shit, like why the fuck my luck up
See these shoes, you can't see they scuffed up
Life was new to you, but mine got roughed up
Though disregarded, I been that way since my brother departed
I been through hell and back, soon as I started
They taking everything away, like a audit
Fighting with all that shit, clogging my head
Niko losing all the strength in his legs
I still can't forget they told me, Clip was dead
Wishing they woulda taken me instead
How been this murder, too much as a child
Mama still answer me, when I'ma smile
I tell her don't wait shit, it might be a while
I would not run, cause that shit ain't my style
I'm going through so much, I'm losing it
Trying to pray up my time, 'fore I'm using it
I can't see whether life, put a fuse in it
Blistering it, like someone abusing it
Nothing funny, no point in amusing it
I guess life ain't the same, till you choosing it
Watch your corner, you never know who's in it
I lose everything fast, so I'm cruising it
I was chosen, no point of me proving it
My nigga Dog, in a third world all alone
Phone close, ain't no telling when he calling home
Trying to figure, why the fuck they had to him wrong
He been gone away a minute, now hs kids grown
Older brother doing life, three times nigga
Telling me it was ok, but that was lies nigga
I know my ways ain't the best, but I tries nigga
Every time I go to see him, I wanna cry nigga
I can't figure, when everything went bad
Lot of niggaz I loved, did me so bad
Shoulda knew, why the fuck am I so mad
Shut the fuck up don't talk, bitch I'm so mad
I'm just giving my story, no notepad
I gave everything, what can I take back
It ain't nothing you know, that can stop me
My advice to you niggaz, is stay back
Damn, but I still paid the cost
Kinda hard for you to win, you take the loss
I feel the devil on my back, shake him off
Shit, I guess today ain't made for Trae
These days, I fade away
But for now, just let me pray