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Artist: Trey Songz f/ Aretha Franklin, Juvenile
Album:  I Gotta Make It
Song:   Gotta Make It (Remix)
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[Aretha Franklin]
Trey (yes ma'am) this is Aretha!
Believe in yourself (fo'sho) believe in your dreams (uh-huh)
Don't let nobody tell you what you can't do
You sure gonna make it yeahhh...

[Trey Songz]
This song is for my shawty
That's goin through it, you gotta know you can do it
And this song is for my homies
Just hold it down cuz, good from the ground up

Cause I tried a suit with a smile - it ain't fit me
And I played the block for a while - them people tried to kill me
No matter what you go through, I know thing is true
Keep believin and you'll

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Cause when it's feelin like you just can't take it
And no matter what you do ooh they keep hatin
Lift yo' head up to the sky, tell yourself I
Just gotta make it, I just gotta make it

[Trey Songz]
Shawty I know you 'bout to have your baby
Before you give up just take a second lady
Look in the mirror yo' reflection baby
It's perfection baby, don't neglect it baby
Now homey I know you been nicklin and dimin
Can't get enough hours at yo' job to put yo' time in
I know them streets lokin good and that money lookin long
Go on get how you live who am I to tell you wrong

[Bridge] + [Chorus]

Man I done slept in the hallways, but I didn't cry though
Was advanced from my learnin but was all caught in the cycle
What I wore in the D-town was what I wore as my main clothes
Concerned about a meal when I shoulda been shuttin my eyes closed
Know about the Songz, Wacko, hills and the Pacos
Gonna go on about a reducer with the good that ain't even nachos
If I ain't got nothin I got flows, small cap and the block low
Just keep on grindin don't pay attention to these potholes
And you can make the come-up, makin moves in the Hummer
And you can take your children down to Disney World this summer
I done been to Hell and back that's why I changed my life
Been caught up and convicted for the same thing twice
Now new picture with me to get my mind-frame right
If I don't do it, my partner bought it on the same night
If I was with him then I'd be by him on the same flight
I was livin for the moment now I'm doin things right

[Trey Songz]
I know
I just gotta make it
Just to see a smile up on your face
I know I, I just gotta make it
Everything I do I do for you
And we - are gonna make it
To the top of the world
We, just gotta make it c'mon now just gotta make it

[Aretha Franklin] + (Trey Songz)
As long as you ain't steppin on nobody (that's the Queen of Soul)
Tryin to get where you goin (she paved the way for me)
(So I know she knows) Hang tough when you have to
You're gonna make it, you're gonna make it yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Make it make it make it {*fades out*}