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Artist: Trick Daddy
Album:  Thug Matrimony: Married to the Streets
Song:   The Children's Song
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Chorus: kids singing]
Children hold on, to your dreams
Believe in love, let love be the light
to show the wayyyyy
And love will shine on you one day

[Trick - speaking over kids]
Hold on, to your dreams at least
And believe in love
It'll show you the way, it'll show you the way
That's right, uh-huh

[Trick Daddy]
God bless the souls of those that impose a threat
Better yet, let's forget 'bout this foolishness
And though I never asked for forgiveness
If you wanna pray to him, here's some things I might say to him
Lord thank you for my wife, my father and mom
And God thank you for my daughter and son
You know the devil he's been doin us wrong
And I love both of my kids, but they momma can't raise 'em alone
And yo, I just want a better understandin
There's got to be another way to handle it
And well we got to be mature about it
We both made our mistakes, and can't no one get us out it
My little girl's a little lady
And though she often act crazy, she still my baby
And I anticipate the day that I can see
the smile on her face when she speak to Little J


[Trick - speaking over kids]
Hold on, to your dreams, you gotta believe
Believe in love - that's right
Believe in love and the Lord
It'll show you the way okay, it'll show you the way, just lead
Shine your heart on it

(America has a problem)

[Trick Daddy]
You see the problem with the world is
That there's way too many faces and way too many races
They done even managed to modernize slavery
They clonin little babies, these people goin crazy
And white America's on high alert
Black America's still starvin and livin in public housin
You still eatin off your food stamps
That's why one out of every three black boys end up in boot camp
And not to mention the ones we'll be missin
Let's face it, e'rybody can't make it
And e'rybody wanna escape it (no way)
But if it's thug life we live, then thug life it is
But just remember, somethin gotta give
That's why, so many and die and, so little live
I can't explain it, but that's how it is
And God forbid, but it is what it is


[Trick - speaking over kids]
Hold on, to your dreams, and believe in 'em
Feel the strength, I know
He'll show you the way, he'll show you the way
He'll show you the way

[Trick Daddy]
The Lord have mercy on 'em
For they young and dumb, and that's why I come to pray for 'em
Though some of us are better than most of us
You can't involve the kids with our differences
And since memories are all we have
Don't you agree that all little kids deserve to laugh?
I'm, teachin the facts about our black leaders
Cause they be strong people, just keep readin, it gets deeper
We're all God's people
So regardless of color and race, we all is covered in grace
And you gotta be stronger than most
Therefore, we only supposed to go when we chosen
Cause God for the thugs too
Just be sincere at heart and dawg, God'll still love you
So to all my fallen soldiers, the struggle's over
All in the name of Jehovah


[Trick - speaking over kids]
Hold on, to your dreams, c'mon, y'know
Believe in love, and love be the light
I know, you know, that's right - he'll show you the way
I know, it'll shine on you, c'mon
And just pray with me, sing with me, c'mon
Sing with me, c'mon
Believe in love - he'll show you the way
I know you will - he'll show you the way, okay?
Just believe and pray
This is for Me'da'buta