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Artist: Trillville f/ 8 Ball, E-40
Album:  Trillville Reloaded
Song:   I'm Pimpin'
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[Verse 1: Don P]
Don P this, Don P that
Don P pockets always fat
I guess that's that on that
Better get a Tic-Tac 'fore you start the chit chat
I ain't Ludacris but nigga get back
You like that group Kris Kross
You wiggety wiggety wiggety wack
Yea, and I'm a miggety miggety mack
Spitting game to these hoes like Pimpin' Ken on the track
Take a trip to Miami
Where the ladies love me and niggaz treat me like family
Trill recognize trill, holla at your bo
Over the hill, by the lake, posted up my bo
See you a funny nigga, something like a joke
And I'm a money nigga, something like ?????
They say if it ain't broke don't fix it
So I guess I'll keep on pimpin'

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Gals love me (cause I'm pimpin)
Bars hate me (cause I'm pimpin)
In B.I.K (cause I'm pimpin)
With my J's (cause I'm pimpin)
[8 Ball]
Y'all niggaz ain't talkin bout nothin (I'm pimpin)
Y'all niggaz ain't talkin bout nothin (I'm pimpin)

[Verse 2: Dirty Mouth]
I'm all about pimpin', mackin', hustlin', stackin'
Everything I touch go gold or platinum
Camera, action, don't forget about the lights
Last name Dope and my first name Money Right
The A is the city, the town is the click
And I got my own hands, I can grab my own dick
I rep who I'm with, that 3rd on the vick???
But last but not least, you know that BME click

[Verse 3: Lil' LA]
See I'm a trill nigga, so I speak trill talk
Turn 'em off the Gucci Mane got millions in the vault
A paid nigga from the ville
So you hatin' niggaz better chill, on the fake talk
Runnin' off at your mouth like a replay
But check out how my gun run the street play
Pow, reloading on your bitch ass
Sneak up from behind you like a snake up in the grass


[Verse 4: E-40]
How can I have one tooth in my mouth
And not a Scottish nickel to my name
And still pull your booch like a crane
Throw that nigga a towel
He been dipped in sucka sauce
I'm movin in
You can tell that hoe ass nigga he can get lost
Cause I'm the whip that is
He the whip that ain't
My whip like it been dipped in shellack
His shit look like spray paint
Y'all be jockin
My pockets hella fat
How many rappers do you know that can turn down a $100,000
Can you do that?
It's the year of the throwback
And I ain't talking 'bout jerseys
The original tycoon, playboy
I'm back like herpes
We burn Pirelli meets
Smoke up the block and cause pollution
Till the tires bald
Till they smooth like Proactiv Solution
I like to ball, but I ain't talkin bout hoopin
I pump that weight like they do in the institution
Your partners in the club lookin like they game boots
My partners in the club lookin like a mafia ????