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Artist: Truck f/ Apocalipps, Beno
Album:  Planet of the Apes, Vol. 1
Song:   Anything
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[Intro: Apocalipps]
Eh, eh, eh, this shit right here is for all my B's and C's
Fucked up Jiggas
Let that shit crank a little bit
From the East Side to the West Side
From the North Side, to the South Side
Let the shit crunk, nigga
I want y'all niggas to let the shit bang right here
Just let it bang a little bit, this shit is raw...

[Chorus: Apocalipps (Truck)]
This is for my live niggaz down to do anything
And all them thorough bitches down for anything
Let the weed talk and the muthafuckin Henny sing
I got some questions, nigga, come from the heart
Is you a live nigga? (Is you a live nigga?)
You gon' ride, nigga? (Yo I'ma ride, nigga)
You ready to die, nigga? (Yo I'ma die, nigga)
You get high, nigga? (All the time, nigga)

This one is for my block niggaz, you know them make it hot niggaz
Hustle, point gaurd, yeah, push the rock, nigga
Come here homie, let me put a bug in ya ear
God damn! That's a big stud in ya ear
You know I'm hungry, plus I got my thugs in here
And they ain't eat in months so there's nuthin' they fear
Pick up the pace, most of you niggaz takin' up space
Eat ya food in broad day, have you pick up your face
If you scared, nigga, buy a dog
I've got a Desert Eagle, aimin' at ya ass, have ya hop like a frog
This is crime music, my niggaz get on and grind to this
Play this load in ya whip, muthafuckas might lose it
I know how ya feel, but put ya hands back on the wheel
Before ya crash this bitch and somebody get killed
Plus ya got mad shit in the car
Three guns, two vests, muthafuckas droppin' shit in the car
We can't turn back now, we done came too far
I rather die before they take my ass back behind bars


I got a knife that I nicknamed pokeman
Dont make me spazz the fuck out and have to poke ya fam
Blood leakin down a body from a open gland
and that nigga that standin' wit ya gon' be like "Damn!"
Truck been caged up like a Lion King
That's why I play these fuckin' blocks for the finest things (like what?)
Big chains and diamond rings
Too much talk on the streets, keep my eyes on things
and all my thorough bitches, I ain't forget about yall
on the Riker's Island bus stashin' weed in the bra
Fuck what they say about ya ma', to me you a star
Get that package to ya man so that nigga wont starve
and when he come home, it's guaranteed to pay off
and all them other bitches, they gon' get the lay off
Keep ya head up, baby girl, it's just a few months
You could sip some Hennessy, you could puff a few blunts
You almost at the finish line, you gon' get what you want
Finally you kept it real for once, now lets ride... (let's ride)


[Hook: Apocalipps]
We gon' bang, bounce, we gon' do that shit
We gon' bang, bounce, we gon' do that shit
We gon' bang, bounce, we gon' do that shit
Truck, do that shit, Truck, do that shit
We gon' bang, bounce, we gon' do that shit
We gon' drink, smoke, we gon' do that shit
Truck, do that shit, Truck do that shit..

[Outro: Apocalipps (Beno)]
Haha, muthafuckas, all my Cali niggas
Ya'll know how we do all my Crenshaw Bastardz
Let that shit right (all my New Orleans niggas, Texas niggas
You know how we do haha) All the way down to the muthafucking South Side
All the way to the pits of Miami, nigga
(I can't forget my up top niggas, New York, New Jerz, you know how we do)
Haha, take it all way to Boston, niggas, all my muthafucking niggas up in
Massachussets, and Connectictut
(So I see you, niggas, Ohio, ya'll step ya game up, nigga)
Haha, Rhode Island, Gooch, just listen to my nigga Gooch
Let the shit ride, let the shit ride (Las Vegas) let the shit ride