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Artist: Truck f/ Apocalipps
Album:  Planet of the Apes, Vol. 1
Song:   Beast Mode
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: Truck, Apocalipps]
I spit my razor out, and straight plant 'em in the face
Gorilla nigga, straight Planet of the Apes
Kick the door down, take the money out the safe
Straight gangsta, smack your honey in the face

Name a rapper that you know that rip mics like I do
Leave so much blood on your clothes, niggas'll think you Damu
And throw it up to you, middle finger, I throw it up to you, man
Fuck the crew, I'm from Now Born, but you can call it New
Brighton, we squeeze guns, fuck fighting
Like a bitch that can't suck dick, ya'll stay biting
I don't care if my album got plat' or aluminum foil
Cuz I still know, how to cook crack and let it boil
I still know how to load macs and that's for you
And I still know some cats'll that blast, that's half for you
When my moms was pregnant with me, she used to bop her head
Beat on the stomach and, rock her leg
And people used to say, damn, that lady's mentally gone
But they ain't know that I was spitting through the umbulical cord
I had like 20 albums completed before I was born
Came out my mom's womb clutching the mic, screaming, it's on
Now I'm here like I promised, I'm taking the title
Some people say my rap book is like the hip hop bible
Prophetize the come, Apocalipps one, verse 15
I'm everything you suburb herbs birds be missing
Listening to this '93 shit, that's right, '93 shit
Just wait in line to hear my '04 shit
I used to push a hooptie whip, but now they call me droopy lips
I'm drooling in the coofie six, this groupie bitch
She wanna get her coochie licked
So I went in the ashtray, lit up a dookie clip, like
Bitch please, blew smoke in her face
Get on your knees with ease, and please open your face
So I can Cash Rule, CREAM your throat, skeet then float
Don't worry bout the safety, ma, keep the toast
The beef is close, I eat it with bread, and then I break you
But I ain't got nothing against you, my gun hate you
He said, he can pull out, wherever he want
Wherever you want, we gon' lay you down, wherever you front


Whenever Lipps' name is mentioned, hearts skip fast
I'm like a doctor with a needle, I got darts for your ass
Ok dummies, and ya'll can stay looking bummy
I stay shitting, that's why these flies won't stay away from me
You look at my tummy, I'm fat now, Apocalipps
Excuse my six pack, I'm back now, ya'll niggas back down
And I can get funny style, so don't tempt me
All my bars come out better when my stomach is empty
And I ain't in 5 years, since I tried to jump bail
And all ya'll faggots got fat, while I sat up on the bell
Sending me hate mail, just praying I don't get up with you
You wrote letters to my boys, saying hit him with two
I hit you with two, shots from the pump and you're through
Come to the New, I get you stuck like gum on the shoe
I bury you with your shine and make you lay in your wealth
You like solitaire cuz you stay playing yourself
Think of your friends, beef with me, think of your kins
I killed this verse once I put some Murda Inc. in my pen
I do my album acapella so you see that I'm sick
I rip any instrumental, so you see how I'm flip
And you need to be whipped, it takes in dying need of some Lipps
They locked me up, yo, I had to rhyme to the beat of my dick, shit