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Artist: Truck f/ Bless, Freezy
Album:  Planet of the Apes, Vol. 1
Song:   Tha Dice Game
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Truck (Freezy)]
I don't even got no money for no weed
Fred, I don't know where he at
I keep calling him, he keeping telling me
I have 'em Truck, I have 'em
I be there, in an hour, when you gon' come, nigga?
I need to get high or something, man
(Man, shut the fuck up, man, it been 5 minutes
I'm right here, I'm right here, nigga
Roll the fucking dice man, let me something
Let me see some sixes or something, it's right here, nigga
Who betting?)

I got the bank shooter, whatever, nigga it's on me
You know how the dice game go, I keep the gun on me
Just in case you wanna ass bet, I take it as a threat
Cuz the money low, you wanna leave me in debt
No way, listen pa, not today
I'm trying to take all you got and send you on your way
With no war, I'm hungry, I don't know what you thought
A straight hawk, survive, yeah, you know I was taught
Do it, your muthafuckin' jugular, with a straight edged fork
What's the name of this game, nigga, c-lo
You don't gotta tell us the rules, man, we know
Just put the dice in ya hand, shake 'em and throw
4, 5, 6, yeah, get 'em bitch
I'm hot right now, I'm kinda due for a trips
The stake so high, I can settle for six
The streets casino, ghetto Taj Mahal
Smoke weed, pop bottles, nigga, ball til I fall
Somebody gots to lose, I'm the last man standing
The present waiter in this game, pop the cannon
Ya'll know what this is, all the funny news for what?
You talk alotta shit, you and your man is butt
My peoples on the way, pulling up in the truck
This about to go down, nigga, that's what's up

[Chorus 2X: Truck (Bless)]
Somebody gots to lose (you roll and then I roll)
Somebody gots to lose (I'm taking all that dough)

[Outro: Bless]
Yo, nobody fucking move, everybody on the fucking gate
Get over there, muthafucka, fuck is you doing
Give me that fucking money, you stupid dumb muthafucka
Yo, come here, get the fuck over here
Yo, shoot that nigga in his fucking head
Right now, shut the fuck up
Come here, muthafucka, come here, you stupid ass muthafucka
Come here, where that fucking money
Take your fucking sneakers off, you muthafucka
Sit on the ground, bitch, come here
I'mma kill ya muthafuckas
Where the fuck is the rest...
Who got it?