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Artist: Truck f/ Apocalipps, Bless, Daddyhore, Iron Mic
Album:  Planet of the Apes, Vol. 1
Song:   Dump Camp
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Apocalipps]
Ya'll hear me out there? What the fuck, man
We gon' get this rap money and flip this shit, man
Word up, we ain't promissed tomorrow, man
We gon' put some bricks in the hood, your hood
Look out for them shits, big dimes, check it, yo

Pop Ya Head Off Records presents Apocalipps
Dump Camp in this bitch, put the clamps on this bitch
Lock it and you can call it what you wanna call it
If it involve my Bastardz, I'm all for it
My shit never touch the record execs
But all the grimey niggas kept my shit up in they deck
And so for that, this one's for you
Fuck beer, I got trees, this bud's for you
To all my enemies, gemstars, this rug's for you
I know how you feel, it's fuck me, so fuck you too
Now with no further interruptions, I bring to you
Dump Camp, come on, ya'll niggas gotta love it

You fronting, ain't nothing but apes on this planet
The rules so butter, the papes, they just handed
The old people mad in the face, they can't stand it
Why the snitches fail, come on, I'm taking this dammit
I post on the block with the ink to just blam it
You front til I dump on your face to just vanish
This A.G.G.Y., we hold ya'll click
With P.C.P., here to rep 456

You wanna know what's on the mind of a fucking broke nigga
It's cold outside, I camp for the cold, nigga
Knife at the throat, ready to take what's yours nigga
You wanna act shady? I'll show you crazy
Come on your block dumping, dressed up as a fat lady
My camp get amped, offa beef and drama
They say they gonna kill Truck, then I'm needing my mama
I'm from New Brighton where they sell crack all day
In front of the store, drop ya cameras in ya project hallway

[Huey Hansom]
Aiyo, it's Huey Hansom, thought I told ya'll niggas
I straight manilla envelope, fold ya'll niggas
Oh yeah, I'm quick to squirt macs and harm these skittles
And got niggas taking dirtnaps with concrete pillows
I don't care if you peep in the d's, I'm still smoking
If they pull us over, make sure you spray the Febreeze
This is Daddyhore, militant mobster, straight marksmen
Number Runners like, Eleanor Gordan and Bumpy Johnson
Double pump and toss 'em, out of his V6 and rapid fire
My twin lighters, roll sweet like beef stricks, nigga

[Iron Mic]
Ya'll muthafuckas know my style, been doing it for a while
Let's get wild, yea, they know me now
These hoes ain't used to speak, they blow me now
Ruthless, Number Runner, nigga, hold me down
My trigger finger stay stroking a uzi
And I aim high like them fiends that be smoking them woolies
We bring it live to ya block, this is not a movie
Iron is hot on these streets, nigga, you can't move me

Uh, nigga, you know you made a mistake
Dealing with the real, and know you fake, your squad ain't ready
Nigga, we bang with them things heavy
If not, the mack, it's the machete, it's not a game
When you see flames and your body burning
I got aim, spray ya ass, 360 turn it
And trust me, everything made ain't no accident
We don't play that "I'll-be-back", shit, the heat's on us
On all corners, so go ahead and be brave
No caskets, straight jars for ya grave, nigga

I work this games floor like Domineque Dawes
When I pop up, they drop the lights and give me applause
We back, the bodega kings, right from the store
Forty auto glock turn, twisted cock it, now bang one
It's Bless, ya'll, I need a Grammy for this
And if you starving for some points, put the rest on the bench
They useless, it's crunch time, who gon' shine like me
I give the mic to the right hand then play Gary Payton d
Stupid, don't get ya head popped off
And this is for my radio Raheem niggas pop off