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Artist: Truck
Album:  Planet of the Apes, Vol. 1
Song:   Prison
Typed by: Cno Evil

It was around '98,  I caught my first two to four
Direct cell, man, fucking with the law
Whoever think I be sitting in court, shit ain't funny
Charge of cracks, and 20 dollars of marked money
The D.A. and legal aid, work together
I can't take that deal, no way, nigga, never
They try to send me in the mountains, with that cold ass weather
Freezing with a state green coat
Washing my ass and clothes out, with cold Crest soap
A place for an animal, yup, a human being, nope
I still remember that day, first by the oaster
Flipping on the rednecks, with the guns in the hoster
The food's no good, the juice too bitter
Put a flush on that pa, when you using the shitter
And in the yard, somebody's gonna tired everyday
Over the TV, phone, or something they had to say
You living with the worse, nigga, grimey and foul
Sneaky for poppin' the lock, and why you off the tile
And you better watch the wolves when they come out for rap
The first slick shit out they mouth, put 'em to check
This is a no man's world, I got my heat feeling alone
All them years for 40 dollars and a bus ride home