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Artist: Truck
Album:  Planet of the Apes, Vol. 1
Song:   Summer Time Heat
Typed by: Cno Evil

The summer time heat making niggas pass out
I don't care, whose around when it's time to act out
Fist or a pistol, either way I'mma get you
If I run outta bullets, than my man'll hit you
We smoke weed, sell drugs and fuck niggas up
Been sleeping on the Island, til I woke niggas up
Who brought that underground music, across the water
I'm a mixtape monster, any beat I slaughter
Plus I get down for mine, you better ask around
Next generation, brand new sound
The best thing about it, I'm not even signed it
Til I get along with Cohen or clap baby check
Get your bank book out, nigga, place your bet
I'm hungry, ain't enough food on my plate
I'm in a one room apartment, niggas coppin' the safe
No longer I can't wait, I'm tired of all the hate
The phony and they fake, that's all I can take
It's Truck, muthafucka, and yes, I'm fed up
Whatever I do, I keep my chin or head up
Just give me the mic, I tear it up
Any beef after that, I air it up
There's rules to these games, I obey and follow
Cuz I can be today, nigga, gone tomorrow...