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Artist: Two Kings in a Cipher
Album:  From Pyramids to Projects
Song:   Definition of a King

A King, a King, what does it mean to me to be a King
and bring, knowledge to the people as I rap and sing
Having full control over eve-rything
(Yo that's a King) Yeah that's a King

Your mind, your body, workin in perfect harmony (harmony)
And learnin to control your destiny
And free, your world which is full of negativ-ity
And live it conciously

Aiyyo why (why), do you think they call me D.O.P. (D.O.P.)
Cause I bring the special de-liv-ery (of life)
that make the deaf hear and blind see
(and the dumb, become like me)

I'm the star (the star)
The one they call the noble Amen-Ra (oooh ahhh)
The message in my music stands far
so it'll reach ya enlightening
the peoples of the eyes or the peoples which I be


Yo what is a cipher, three hundred sixty degrees
The cycle is square, a circle completion
D.O.P. is speakin people always ask the relation between
the cipher and a King, and like a noun it's a person place or thing
But let's get a little deeper now, can we do it?
For those who already knew it let the others get into it
First let's observe a square, four lines are connected
All sides are measured equal, trust me, great minds have checked it
(Drop it D) Yeah I think I'm gonna
There's four right angles in a square, ninety degrees in every corner
And by using multiplication you simply
Multiply ninety by four you get three sixty
And like I mentioned in the first line of this rap
A cipher is three sixty and three sixty is complete Black
To show and prove that I'm not stiff like a cucumber
On to the circle three hundred sixty is a born number
When I say born I mean life
Cause when you are born you come into a new light, ain't that right?  Right
Like nine months of pregnancy, a new birth
I'm gonna explain further but first...


OK, now back to the definition
You probably get a better definition by using simple addition
If you add three plus six plus zero you're born nine
We talked about nine, in the thirty-seventh line
So look for the path, to receive the gift
Blessed to be one of Allah's children to prosper and if
you live your life the right way
You too can be a King and a Queen, in a cipher one day
And if this definition of a King is still too rough
Pick up a book and look it up, peace