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Artist: Ugly Duckling
Album:  Audacity
Song:   Oh Yeah
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Yeah, yeah, yeah (yeah)

Oh yeah (yeah, yeah) (Repeat 8x)

[Andy Cooper]
Oh yeah, I need to find a time machine
To go back to '89 and redesign the scene
I'll start with the picture in my junior high yearbook
When I had a bad haircut and a weird look
And why was I such a jerk
With a sharp tongue, I didn't care who would get hurt
And for what, to gain the esteem of friends
That I barely knew and haven't even seen since then
These things I should have long forgotten
But still they can pop up and haunt your thoughts
Cause Lord knows we've all made mistakes
And laid awake at night to replay the tapes
But that's dead, cut the ties
Here comes the future open your eyes
An opportunity knocks and it's soon to be lost
If you're scared to move it will pass through as you watch
So, learn from the past or you're doomed to repeat it
It's a new day, don't assume you're defeated
Join me, let's laugh at the past, that's half of the task
If you agree, say oh yeah

Oh yeah (yeah, yeah) (Repeat 7x)
Oh yeah

[Andy Cooper]
Einstein, tell 'em!

"Diggin' up all ? that you wish you could forget."
"Step right up, hurry, hurry, don't miss this!"
"Come on in, baby!"
"Stop a hesitation."
"Never miss a moment that ? 

[Dizzy Dustin]
I wish I would have known what I know now then
Was everybody's buddy, had a thousand friends
Used to go out of my way give them places to stay
But now in hindsight they're just wasted days
I've heard the saying keep your enemies close
They gotta be my friends cause they depend on me most
But nope, look who's on the ropes getting okey-doked
Sucker punched, body slammed and grabbed by the throat
That's me at the age of eighteen
In my late teens had to make the break clean
And start over again, was I really their friend?
Or did a compensate for being shallow within
Who knows, but what I do know is this (what)
Life is too short soon you won't exist
So make the best of it, start now not later
Oh yeah, Einstein take me out with the fader

[Andy Cooper]
Dizzy Dustin, oh yeah
That's right, uh-huh
Oh yeah, well oh yeah
We gonna do it like this

If you think for yourself say (yeah, yeah)
And if you diggin this song say (yeah, yeah)
And if it's all about the music (yeah, yeah)
And if you like Pigeon John say (yeah, yeah)
Down under to the Orient (yeah, yeah)
And out to the Middle East say (yeah, yeah)
Yo, all across Europe (yeah, yeah)
And back to Long Beach say (yeah, yeah)
If you love drum breaks (yeah, yeah)
and the hip hop shows (yeah, yeah)
When you're lookin at the future (yeah, yeah)
Man don't say no say (yeah), hey!
Uh huh, it feels good (Yeah)
Bring it back now, bring it back
Say yeah... keep it rolling now, keep it rolling
"I wanna hear you say yeah!" Yeaaah!!"
U-D, Audacity, that's right
One more time, ya know
See you on stage, goodnight