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Artist: Uncle Murda 
Album:  Rap Up 2015 (S)
Song:   Rap Up 2015
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Hey East New York is definitely in the building
We're about to wrap this year up in

[Uncle Murda]
WHOA!  Aiyyo Reef, I want niggas to ride around in their car to this
I want them to play it in the club too ya heard? (WHOA!)

[Verse One: Uncle Murda]
Drake won that rap battle verse Meek Milly
Besides the battle Meek still winnin' cause he got Nicki (Just sayin'!)
Pee-Wee put bullet holes in Wayne's tour bus (BANG!)
Baby was like damn I hope he don't tell on all of us (ha ha!)
Ri Ri let Travi$ Scott get in her pants
If that weird nigga can hit it I know I got a chance (SHE BUGGIN')
Niggas still yellin' out FREE GS9!
Bobby Shmurda got denied bail for the sixth time (Free Rowdy!)
Lamar Odom almost lost his life
Matt Barnes caught Derek Fisher fuckin' around with his wife
(Lamar Odom smoke crack!!!) Khloe and James Harden datin'
Her and French broke up now he fuckin' Sanaa Lathan (WHOA!)
Kanye and Kim just had another baby (Congrats!)
Oh we rock with them +Yeezys+ but his clothes is crazy
(Too many holes in them!!!)
Tyga fuckin' with Kylie Jenner
Heard rumors about him fuckin' with some tranny nigga (A MAN!)
Bruce Jenner a tranny nigga
Kendrick got nominated for the most Grammys nigga (ELEVEN!)
Drake got nominated for a record dissin' Meek (BACK TO BACK!)
Adele sold three million her first week (Hello!)
50 still beefin' with Diddy and Ross (I LOVE IT!!!)
Bitch that was beefin' with Floyd took her first loss
Stitches at the club waitin' for Game to come out
Walked up on Game then get knocked the fuck out

[Chorus: Uncle Murda]
You heard what happened? (WHOA!)
Yeah, I know you heard what happened (WHOA)
Crazy, that's crazy (WHOA) Crazy, shit's crazy

[Verse Two: Uncle Murda]
Police still killin' our people,we out of suggestions (DAMN!)
Time to start killin' ‘em back fuck all that protestin' (FACTS)
Rest in peace Chinx can't believe he ain't here (WE MISS HIM!)
Mendeecees got hit with eight years (HOLD YOUR HEAD)
I did a record with Future now a nigga poppin' (You a dub)
We went from Shmurda dancing to +Milly+ rockin'
Pacquiao couldn't get around Floyd jab (Nope)
Migos and Bow Wow beefin' over the dab (Ha Ha)
Ross called Baby out 'cause Wayne ain't paid (DAMN)
His baby mom sued 50 she tryin to get paid (WOO)
Charlie Sheen fuckin' bitches he givin' ‘em AIDS (Nasty)
They took Slim Jesus mic when he was on stage (He soft)
He talk tough but ain't hurtin' nobody (Woo)
Suge drove a nigga over he knocked for a body (SUGE BROKE!)
Nicki stepped to Miley Cyrus (VMA's)
Bailed her brother out for a hundred thousand
For rape, they would've killed him on Riker's Island (FACTS!)
Jay Z signed +Money and Violence+ (Congrats)
Floyd retired Kobe 'bout to do the same
His knees is finished, he ain't got no more game (IT'S OVER!)
People like Uncle Murda insultin' me
We found out Vivica eat the +booty like groceries+ (ASK 50!)
+Straight Outta Compton+ lit the big screen up
A retarded kid had us all sayin' DEEZ NUTS (Welven Da Great!)
Got ‘em, shit was crazy
Chris Brown found out he had a baby
Fetty Wap and Masika ‘bout to have a baby (HE DON'T WANT IT!)
Lil Durk got Dej Loaf dressing like a lady (They cute)
Steve Harvey funny as shit (Facts)
On live TV he crowned the wrong chick (HA HA)

[Chorus: Uncle Murda]
You heard what happened? 
Yeah, I know you heard what happened 
Crazy, that's crazy! Crazy, shit's crazy!

[Verse Three: Uncle Murda]
Over Wayne, Game beefin' with Young Thug (Yep!)
Baby had niggas throw bottles at Wayne in the club (Water!)
Wayne looked up at Baby like damn where's the love?
Bobbi Kristina found face down in the tub (HER BOYFRIEND DID IT!)
Rest in peace lil' Whitney
Boosie had to get cancer taken out of his kidneys (GET WELL!)
Rugz hold your head, rest in peace to your brother (BOTH OF THEM)
Send my condolences to you and your mother
50 got +Power+ lookin' like the new +Wire+
Meanwhile the ratings is going down on +Empire+ (FACTS)
On Flex countdown I had the top spot
DJ Self on +Love & Hip Hop+ (WITH CARDI B!!!)
Donald Trump makin' racist remarks
Salute to Farrakhan on the Million Man March 
Aye! El Chapo broke outta jail
It feel good seein' the system takin' an L (GOOD FOR 'EM)
Meek and Wale beefin' again (YUP)
Not even Ross could get them to start speakin' again (NOPE)
Flex said fuck Drake and they caught it on tape
You should've seen the expression on some nigga's face (HA HA)
Drake got chicks realizin' they wifin' niggas (WHOA)
Quentin Miller writin' for niggas (Woo)
That cop that raped them girls cried in court (GOOD FOR HIM)
Not 'cause he was sorry 'cause he got caught
Akon helped 600 million Africans
Ain't get no press the white man was mad at him (Crazy!)
Racism is killin' this earth
In Carolina a white kid shot up a church (Damn)
Pattie LaBelle flippin' pies they talkin' 'bout work
Rest in peace Sean Price when I heard I was hurt (DUCK DOWN!)
Rest in peace Sandra Bland we don't know what happen
No features on his album J.Cole went platinum (CRAZY!)
The realest yearly rap up you ever heard
I'm just statin' a few facts and some shit that I heard 

[Chorus: Uncle Murda]
You heard what happened? (On Baller Alert)
Yeah, I know you heard what happened (You seen the Shade Room)
Crazy, that's crazy! Crazy, shit's crazy!
(Oh, don't forget the Academiks)
You heard what happened? (That's crazy! TMZ!)
Yeah, I know you heard what happened (Shit crazy! Media Takeout!)
Crazy, that's crazy! (WHOA!) Crazy, shit's crazy! (Ha Ha!)

[Outro: Uncle Murda]
Ha Ha! Yeah for now on call me LG
(You heard what happened?) that's my initials
The Lenny Grant Story coming soon! (Yeah I know you heard what happened)
GMG! (You heard what happened?) ATM! (You heard what happened)
The Arthenicz! 920! Brooklyn!
You heard what happened? Yeah, I know you heard what happened