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Artist: Unk f/ E-40, Jim Jones, T-Pain
Album:  2 Step (Remix) single/iTunes
Song:   2 Step (Remix)
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A-2 Steeeeep, a-2 Steeeep  (REMIIIIIIIIIIX!!!)
Now gon' n 2 Step, (2 Step) now gon' n 2 Step (2 Step)
Now gon' n 2 Step, (2 Step) now gon' n 2 Step (2 Step)
Now get, jiggy wit it, (jiggy wit it) now get, jiggy wit it (jiggy wit it)
Now get, jiggy wit it, (jiggy wit it) now get, jiggy wit it, (jiggy wit it)
Now gon' n 2 Step! (2 Step!) Aye, watch me 2 Step! (2 Step)
Now can you 2 Step! (2 Step!) Like I 2 Step! (2 Step!)
Watch me get, jiggy wit it, watch me get, jiggy wit it
Watch me get, jiggy wit it, watch me get, jiggy wit it
Gon n' 2 Step

[T-Pain - over chorus]
You can actually hear me 2 Steppin while I'm recordin this
you know dat right? (This is the remiiiiix!!)

Ay, you know my bank roll (roll!), got a lot of zero's (zero's!)
Teddy Pain (Teddy Pain), the Tallahassee hero (hero!)
I done got a crib (ayy!!), now I'm in The A (ayy!!)
2 Steppin lemme show you how I do this thang (thang!)
Take yo left foot, put it out in the front
and do it - this (AYY!!)
Now if you look around the club, you would notice cain't nobody do it
qui....iiiiiiite - like this (AYY!!)
Ay! Shades on, dem Oakley's to be exact
Now when I sang my song, I'ma bring dem hoes in the back
and you know, I'm the hottest nigga 'round!
So when I get 'em up to my room, I got 'em poundin me down, let's get it..

[Chorus: T-Pain's version]
{4.. (4!) 3... (3!) 2... (2!) 2..}
Hey, hey, hey 2 Steeeeep, (OH!) 2 Steeeep (let's go!)
Now gon' n 2 Step, (Oh!!) now gon' n 2 Step (Oh!!)
Now watch me 2 Step, (OH!!) now watch me 2 Step (OH!!)
Now get, jiggy wit it, (REMIX!) now get, jiggy wit it (REMIX!)
Now get, jiggy wit it, (REMIX!!) now get, jiggy wit it, (jiggy wit it)
(Now gon n 2 Step) (Ay, AY!)

[DJ Unk]
{4..} Steppin to the right, wipe me down manye
{3...} Steppin to the left, with yer stunna frames
{2...} By this time the WORLD know what to do
It's goin down 2 Steppin REMIX! Unk, what it do?
I'm back one mo' geeeen, wit another one ('nother one)
2 Steppin, gettin jiggy baby have some fun (have some fun)
They said it couldn't be dooooone, I guess I got it crackin (got it crackin)
2 Steppin, ay bay-BAY (AYYY!!) (That's what's hap'nin)
Now gawn n get it shawty, the charts I climb back on (climb back on)
One-hit wonder, bet dey wonder how I do it all (do it all)
They got dey steps wrooooong, dey try to bite mine (bite mine)
Let's see what's hap'nin when I count down, one more time - GO

[T-Pain's Chorus]

[Jim Jones - over chorus]
Money's on the fadeaway
NYC, you know how we do it

[Jim Jones]
Now catch us 2 Steppin, I got my goons reppin (DipSet!)
We turn the VIP into the "do it, do it" section (do it)
You know the jewel selection (blingin), I'm blue VVS'in (flawless)
We ain't gon' talk about the whips, you know the Coupe selection ('Raris!)
And I got everything that you want (yep), I'm registered to two ?park?
I get bread like croutons (dough), I make dough like cru'issants (bread)
I'm Grey Poupon (yep), Bentley fuckin' baby (baby)
"What the fuck is you on?" (what?!) It's how I'm livin' lady (lady)
Like Queens call the car dealer then the {?} dealer
Now we out at Vegas, poker face with the card dealer (westsiiide)
The hard nigga (yep), gone off ta hard liquor (Jones)
You better watch your ass when them foreign cars wheeler (I'm back!)

[T-Pain's Chorus]

[E-40 - over chorus]
Official remix! Official remix!
Official remix! eeRRRRRAH!

I'm in my Cutlass on two shoes (two shoes)
Breakin all the rules (the rules)
Two hitters manye two fools! (two fools!)
Two hammers manye two 2's! (two 2's!)
Shinin like a chandelier (‘lier)
Diamonds up in my ear (ear)
Sick Wid It trophy on my neck, I dang near wear it anywhurr
Too much candy on my ride (ride)
Too many rumors I done died (died)
Too many haters on this surface
All my life it ain't been certs (it ain't been certs)
Started off real small (real small)
But now my mail is tall (tall)
Had to walk before I crawled
I had my back against the wall (back against the wall)
Two faces not us, two faces at once, grittin it gettin it in
Hustlers R Us, never no punk, I'll 2 Step on yo' chin
I see some brahs (I see some brahs)
2 Steppin by they lonesome (by they lonesome)
These square suckers they actin like dey don't wanna (don't wanna)
*E-40 sings*
Dey don't know, dey don't know, dey don't know! (they don't know)
You gotta find 'em doe, send 'em doe, break 'em doooooe-oooh (break 'em
You gotta get the dough, get the dough, get the dough
I mean get it manye rain, shine, sleet, or snooooow-oooh
*overlaps first part of chorus*
See I managed wit it (managed wit it), I get jiggy wit it (jiggy wit it)
eh-ha ha!
ERRRUGH! (Whoooooooo)

[T-Pain's Chorus 2X]