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Artist: Vinnie Paz f/ Apathy, Blacastan, Celph Titled, Crypt the
	Warchild, Motive, Planetary, Reef the Lost Cauze
Album:  The Priest of Bloodshed (Mixtape)
Song:   Army of the Godz
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Yo I'm a bastard, the aftereffect of passionate sex
I came out the bassinette blasting a TEC
Look out your window, see Ap passing your jet
With Superman in a headlock and a gat to his neck
Fuck kryptonite, Pixar bloods and crips on Krypton
Superhuman powers, a cape with house slippers on
I kept it real, money's never my Achilles heel
I'm like Cliff Lee going for the Phillies deal

I'm a rebel with mics, I'm Daredevil with sight
I can be the peacemaker, I can set off the fight
Don't provoke us, fuck around and get your death notice
I'm just trying to raise awareness, I ain't talking about chef's focus
I'm like a combination of George and Frank Lucas
You  [?] you catch locusts, eat mucus
So don't you ever step, never rep, you will never get better
So get clever and drop the motherfucking mic forever

Stepping out of  [?] with a spliff of sensi
Running with them boys called DGZ
AOTP performing and they ain't no joke
Fuck around and get your scrawny pencil neck broke
I'm a criminal, rain dance on you like a Seminole
Shitstorm your label flipping over tables
Professor X out of the chair, fully able
Wolverine up in the booth slicing your cables

[Reef The Lost Cauze]
This my kind of beat, the body will feel it, the mind is weak
So I slam bodies like Iron Sheik
This is hustle music nigga, we grind and eat
Fuck a hater, feel this razor that's inside my sneaks
My brother Ap blap blap this is Honkey talk
The flow is tighter than how a fucking honkey walk
This junkyard calls, call a coroner
Undertake you, break you, the ultimate warrior

Yeah million dollar man, Ted DiBiase shit
Ralph Macchio flow winning like Karate Kid
Miyagi when I politic, Obama with the poly grip
Mad at the world, every verse I gotta body shit
Ric Flair silver-haired nigga getting old yo
Army of the Pharaoh clique, the rest of y'all are so-so
Me and Crypt are like the legion of doom
You can't defeat us and we putting nonbelievers in tombs

[Crypt The Warchild]
Murderous arrangement using words to just play with
Guilty by association at my arraignment
Nightcrawler, knife brawler, fight harder
Pipe  [?] if I'm dead I'm a mic martyr
Porta rock, know how to spit, that's undisputed
AOTP, we dirty, we ghetto, we zooted
We get gully, grime pays and y'all peddle y'all music
You got a new album, nobody listening to it

Appetite is galactic, it's like eating satellites
An iceberg cyclops that freeze the blast of light
When this bastard writes it mics the afterlife
F with us, I check niggas like the answers right
I ain't the type to walk around with my pants all tight
I love white women but live a Black Panther's life
This Demigodz get the job done effortless
Got em waiting on the kid to drop like a pregnant bitch

[Celph Titled]
I ain't from this planet, your human rap skills are just lukewarm
I got alien intestines like the ones that kept Luke warm
Angering actors, action-packed factoring
Factions in Anchorage, Alaska waving an axe at you
My unfortunate orthodontist astonished
That I had cobra's teeth, I bit him in his shoulder meat
All's fair, I floss yeah the boss here
Won't keep you in my prayers but I'll keep you in my crosshairs

[Vinnie Paz]
Vinnie San-hammer, Paz hit you with the blam blammer
Get my money on the street like a panhandler
American me motherfucking Santana
Rock more polo shit than a Cam stanza
Y'all are Kanye, sweeter than a canned Fanta
Allauhakbar Lord I'm Iran's chancellor
There's blood dripping from my mouth like a tanned panther
I'm the motherfucking boss like the man Danza