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Artist: Vinnie Paz f/ Demoz
Album:  The Priest of Bloodshed (Mixtape)
Song:   Bodysnatchers (Grim Reaperz Remix)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Vinnie Paz]
A rebel that yell, take you through the levels of Hell
Take your commissary pussy like it settled in jail
I'm a heavyweight, Vinnie don't need to get on a scale
A man of God but usually the Devil prevails
I don't work
, all y'all motherfuckers work for me
I love death, you motherfuckers get murked for free
I don't follow trends, I just do what work for me
I don't live on Earth, the motherfucking Earth in me
Louie Dogs don't relate to y'all cause I'm a godly creature
I chop a motherfucking brick like a karate teacher
I wouldn't call what you doing sick, you just got a fever
I have my mother's heart and I have my father's features
You know I got the hammer in the jeans
And more white shit than in the can at a latrine
I go bananas for the cream
I don't have a moral fibre, Vinnie take your nana for her cream yeah

Niggas rapping but they comical, it's logical
They overrated hating so I cut them like a dominos
Box of pizza fuck the perpetrating hospital
When nurses race in, running niggas over in a hearse with Satan
Squash a nigga and his baby chorus
His more collaboration with commercial rap and if you pay me for it
So fuck a? I'm the hardest, I'll walk in Philly with a philly
Selling niggas CDs yelling garbage
Pardon me, that's just my sense of humour
Look I'm intense, I'm making sense
You niggas sense try and spread your rumours
Basically I'm trying to make it happen
Scheming I can make it rapping
Stay away from niggas who relate to acting
It's nothing personal, I take your money
Spend it on your bitch, call you a bitch
And tell you pussy try and take it from me
It's funny how a motherfucking bitch change
Bitch get changed, it's nothing if she sniff 'caine
And turn crazy, sell her own soul, her own baby
All over this gravy, it's all over it's shady
How the world turns and it's all over this money
It's funny, next thing you know you all over your money
With your face out, brains bleeding, your dame leaving with the next man
Plan A to the bling scheming on your life savings
Like praying they might saving em from his life wasting
All over his wife patience, I don't like hatred
But if you can do it to me I'm a do it to you
Give a fuck if you beautiful what your booty can do
Your pussy's tight, titties big, bitch whoopty-dee-doo
I got a bundle on your head to kill you and your crew
Got so much they don't like you
Mind you bullets fly through your head, they gonna find you
Blind you with red beams, bury you cockroaches
Chicks can get it too so baby do not approach us
I'm a sick being, stick me in a rap cipher
I'm a light lighter hairspray em and burn biters