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Artist: Vinnie Paz
Album:  The Priest of Bloodshed (Mixtape)
Song:   Fuck Ya Life (C-Lance Remix)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I wet the whole entire block then I broke off
Lift the boat off, Russian sickle Nikolai Volkoff
I ain't never met a motherfucker that was so soft
I remain fire like folk who ain't turn their stove off
And I still rhyme cousin with a flawless fervor
I got money and catch cases like Roethlisberger
And y'all are Dennis Dixon, that's just something different
I need another prescription, I got a pen addiction
I got a Muslim shorty now but the ex was Christian
She ain't overstand the godliness of my position
Anybody who ain't family is opposition
The M9 got a big nose, Scottie Pippen
Vinnie sipping on the Goose, God hit this marley
My hands running out of fingers, young Vince Lombardi
I got a tet offensive similar to Victor Charlie
I meet a bitch, I don't sweat it, this ain't a Christmas party

Try to stop minds from growing
I'll make your blood stop flowing
Fuck your life