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Artist: Volume 10
Album:  Hip-Hopera
Song:   Tops Toe
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Pushin de buttons
  The button be pushed
(De plane! Push de plane!)
Do you have any buttons to push?
{*all laughing*}
  I wanna talk about tops, toe
{*all laughing*} Ohh!
That's why the nigga give lines so good nigga!
Cause he be havin his hands in the air
And the nigga be lyin to you and his toes be crossed!
{*busting up laughing*} Hooooo!
Big Sto' Management (that's some ol' bullshit)
(Ay man, ay, your toes is phenomenal)
My nigga Jamie, Jamie Nikes
(His big toe is bulgin, nigga you bulgin out the side)
  I think the nigga's related to Smuckers
  He got a whole lot of, JAM
Touchstone, {?} brothers manifesto
  That nigga said he got jam, damn