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Artist: William Cooper
Album:  Black Market Militia Presents William Cooper - Beware of the Pale Horse
Song:   Heaven
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Chorus) Cooper
It's like I fell from Heaven but now I'm closer to God
Keep my head to the sky as I reach for the stars
Society said I should be dead or behind bars
MAN FUCK THAT!!!! I'ma stay beating the odds

[William Cooper]
Ayo the object is simple but the task been difficult
Climb the stairway to Heaven where God's house is built
Have a word with the Lord about man made laws
Like why devils with badges lock us behind bars
Spit bars of pain, my body bare the scars
As the twelve jewels of life take shape through my darts
Squeezing firearms while I reciting the Qu'ran
Behold the power on my Psalms to see the future in my palms
While the all eye seeing be brainwashing human beings
With just a push of button, we all blown into smithereens
That's why I live by the secret and put bullet holes in demons
It's a dog eat dog world, you gotta eat or get eaten
And the flames from the devil's basement
Hide behind familiar faces
My eyes wide open through the Matrix
Remove the blindfold that's the first step out the cages
As the world turns life changes

(Chorus) Cooper

[William Cooper]
And I never look down on no man unless I'm pulling 'em up
Saint Andrew, first Disciple got Christ in my blood
Watch me destroy my enemies when I make 'em my friends
Then fall to my knees as I confess my sins
That's why my aura stay pure like fresh Gucci Velour
Pulling up to Heaven's door on a white on white Porsche
Beware of the Pale Horse; embrace the voice of the Lord
Those who chose to ignore get stretched out in the morgue
We're fighting in a never ending war
Man, ain't no money in the cure
It's always that quick fix that have 'em coming back for more
I know you see 'em on your block in pursuit of the next rock
The GemStar Akbar beat the hands off your clock
It's a life and death struggle and the devil wanna hug you
Can't even speak on the phone you know the government bug you
Microchips been planted in the family that love you
So until the casket close, keep Heaven above you

(Chorus) Cooper