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Artist: William Cooper f/ Hell Razah, Killah Priest
Album:  Beware of the Pale Horse
Song:   In America
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Hook) Killah Priest 2x
In the enemy states we trap behind the line
Forced to distract the Beast
Read the facts and the sign
Eye-to-eye with America, we ready for war
On the 6-6-6, we come to settle the score

[William Cooper]
Ayo, confidence and enemy a progress
And don't forget there's 48 laws of power to perfect
Plus 33 strategies of war to connect
And the Great Seal United States to dissect
Look! I can see The All-Seeing Eye in reverse
Out of a one dollar bill, homie it's real
See I'm convinced that The Unseen Hand exists
Just take a glimpse between the lies that the Government spit
I'm in the heart be the poverty with demon shot me
Allah's footprints guided me while the press tried to blind me
I'm the blood in ya veins that pumps the 12-guage
And I'm in that thought in ya mind that wants to change things
We the revolution settling the score with the 6-6-6 gripping the four-fifth
Aiming at the pulpit, dumping the clip
For the simple fact that you're preaching lies to the kids

(Hook) Killah Priest 2x

[Hell Razah]
Renaissance Child! William Cooper! Priesthood! Black Market!
It's Martial Law now, identity theft
I'm like 'X' when he spoke to the press about Kennedy's death
ConEdison ain't got no more energy left
Global Warming, the sign there will be more torment
George Bush be the Omen of that stem cloning
They made a chip for ya kid with GPS roaming
So if you ever wanna travel you'll be claimed stolen
Property, probably of a dead Roman
It's prophecy, psychology, do the knowledge
Beast 6-6-6, it's the trick numerology
America was stolen from an Indian bribery
It's all Rockefeller, Rothschild robbery
Stolen the bones of Geronimo
Freemasonry, satellite websites the shit taping me
So when I say "Fuck America" I say it faithfully

(Hook) Killah Priest

I'd like to for America to know we have a Constitution
And we shouldn't have to fight for our freedom of speech
They should be automatically given
We've been watching out freedom disappear for the past 10 to 15 years
Do not be afraid to voice your opinions about anything political
You're are allowed to do that under the constitution