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Arist: William Cooper f/ Bloodsport, Blue Raspberry, Majesty, Stoneface
Album: Beware of the Pale Horse
Song:  No Retreat
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

This thing started here.
And to save this country, we kill this damn thing here.
(*Crowd cheering in unison*)

(Chorus) Blue Raspberry
Surrender, you can't leave
Surrender, you can't leave
Surrender, oh no, no no....
Surrender, yeah, yeah....

Yeah, you open ya mind and find in time
The Babel 20 foot statue of me aiming a tech-9
Straight respect mine, on and off the screen
Yo I blow niggas away, just like El Niņo
Of course we gon' stack it up
You niggas on crack or what?
My straight shooters clap you up
Bag it up, the streets raised us with no conscious
And turned us into black monsters
In addition we baptized in bloody rivers
Yeah we full blown death givers
Lose ya breath niggas
Guns is radiated, leaving you laminated
Contaminated with lead, grave related
We all handcuffed to the world and frustrated
Iced out, blowing dutch, yeah it's a must
My niggas'll knife you, with drive-by on a ninja cycle
Buss a nine, brief shells that'll bite you, nigga

(Chorus) Blue Raspberry

I ain't here to play games
I bring the sun when I'm dancing in rain
And writing hymn, so you follow him, notice the name
My second breath was a flame, when I rose from the grave
No retreat, no surrender, I crafted the game
I'm like Marcus Garvey, in the House of Saints
From the projects moving with a pound again
I'm top ranked, Stoneface, and my eyes don't blink
I rock a half-cut triple X, thugged out mink
I'm from a city of animals banging bitches and plenty ammo
And more thugs than a desert got camel
My manuals is law degree
I never break bread with you cuz they'll never be honor amongst thieves
A devil on ya team is talking to DT's
Than that devil on ya team is catching them 16's
Follow, I leave the scene in an all black Eldorado
Shells on the streets, .44 cal, all hollow

Y'all niggas cock face, a nigga hold the glock great
I got a firm grip, so a nigga pop straight
My uncle taught me how to blaze the guns and work the fifth
My pops couldn't raise a son, you feel me?
I was a bastard child, I love my moms, duke
At 21 I was shoving cracks in my palms, duke
Working the block like a full court press, mummy
Tearing the grave, we even got wet money
I got them tech's on me, 2010 version of B.I.G.
A nigga got the mask and the vest, homie
I been killing shit, dawg the game intense
I need a dial for every bar I spit
I'm hard as shit, 180 proof in the booth, cuzin
A bird and a hand is like worth two dozen
Cuz I'ma multiply, add it up and flip that
And if you niggas run up wrong, I make 'em get that

(Chorus) Blue Raspberry

[William Cooper]
Yo, yo, it seem the terrorism ruins more minds than drugs
That got the whole world thinking it's cool to be thugs
So when I pose for flicks in my King David stance
I sign all the grass with a humble hand
But still my Federal files on the government mainframe
So I put holes in Bush's face at the gun range
Holding Second Amendment, the way I hold my money
I never fumbled on the goal-line or sniffed coke line
From Genesis to Revelations, I came to save the nation
And got the drop on the 33rd Mason
Punishing the wicked, make 'em taste they own medicine
Break Bible code, dressed in Hebrew lettering
Prophesize the rise of 'The All-Seeing Eye'
Freedom as you know is been secretly barcoded
Put a hit out on the Pope, he the Dagger behind the Cloak
'When All Hell Breaks Loose' use my quotes for the antidote

(Chorus) Blue Raspberry 2x