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Artist: William Cooper f/ Killah Priest
Album:  Beware of the Pale Horse
Song:   Still Shining
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

Black Market!

[Killah Priest]
Ayo bulletproof Sumerian Gods
We came from the stars; swerve the city, alien cars
Blowing cigars, the sun give us charge
The street is the cube
The cube is the net, walk thru the Matrix
We holding our tech's
Niggas talking that folklore, exposing 'em in war
Egyptian eyes, Lost Tribe from a project called Luxor
Three-sided building with alien emblems
Ark of the Covenant, we bout to start our own government
Having visions like Daniel, my Timbs turn to sandals
My hoody turn to mantles
Ices, magic, I turn the gat and the candles
Solar systems, yoga positions, a shaman
See galaxies when rhyming
Priest-William Cooper revealing the future
In the coals of our soul, deeper than medulla
Our minds are diamond
Turn everything we see into stones like Medusa
Marcus still shining

(Hook) William Cooper 2x
And we shine like the six-pointed star King David
God's favorite, every breath is so sacred
The revolution is so damn close that I can taste it
Death to Federal Agents, escaping the steel bracelets

[William Cooper]
And you can hear the dead bodies speak when forensic teams meet
While the Pope sit at the Vatican with vampire teethes
I'm pushing bulletproof Benzes, marching compliances
The guns are gigantic, the caliber's tremendous
I could give a fuck who's ya friend is
When the clips extended, every bullet's offensive
The burial plot's expensive, pay attention to the message
William Cooper's confession, every line's a lesson
Everything you should question
Reconstruct the universe with a Biblical verse
The hood Aristotle, who carry arms like octopus
Blow L's of that kush, we sophisticated crooks
Robin Hoods of the hood, y'all get clapped over a look
Coward is shook, that's why their jewels get took
My Pawn scooped up ya Rook; keep my money off the books
Until I lay under the land my hand's crossed, fresh suit on
The FEDS wanna hang me like the Bushes did Saddam

(Hook) William Cooper 2x

(Outro) Cooper
And we still shining, y'all already know man
Black Market Militia, Beware of the Pale Horse
Still shining, it's William Cooper, still shining
Y'all about to open the book
Make sure you get to read every line man
The Black Market still shining
We still shining