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Artist: W.C. f/ Juvenile (As Nino Brown)
Album:  Revenge of the Barracuda
Song:   Hustla
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* Nino's Theme; performed by Ice-T but characterized by Wesley Snipes
  in the 1991 'New Jack City' Movie

[Intro: W.C.]
Yeah, I'm feeling this one right here!
Uhh.. get some of that;
Pump the music up and count our money shit, you know what I'm saying?
Yo, everywhere I go, niggaz always asking me the same thing
They wanna know throughout the bullshit, how the fuck I maintain
You know what I tell them?

[Chorus: Juvenile]
I told them cause I'm a hustler, they wanna know how I made it this far
I told them cause I'm a hustler, and everyday I gotta go hard
Somebody tell them, I'ma gon' get it
A gorilla gotta get it, mother fuck what you know
Cause I'm a hustler, and everyday I gotta go hard
I'm a hustler

[Verse One: W.C.]
Climbing out the black Range, guess who's back man
H-Double-O-D from the stove to this Rap thing
Don't know how to act man, now I got change
Thirty thousand on a crap game, wander to stop your campaigns
Whipping it from the studio to the kitchen
The good for making something out of nothing like a magician
Dub classified G status, working hard
And I bring the money bag like Pyrexes in Garbage Jars
Now some get it from the Baking Soda to the Beaker
But I get it from pushing this Cali' Cavi' through your speakers
And I remember watching the game from the Bleachers Bro!
Homie indeed as now it's blue Louie Sneakers (DAMN!)
I've looked for where the cash lay
I've schooled by niggaz who cruise the interstate with the Kush in the
Get it the fast way
Somebody asks why I live today like my last day!

[Chorus: Juvenile]

STRAIGHT! UHH, yo, Come On!

[Juvenile as G-Money]
Bust up in this nigga
It's Nino, let's go

[Verse Two: Juvenile as Nino Brown]
Nino, bitch you know how my team come?
Trying to be here if any nigga got a green thumb (YES!)
Yeah, I'm talking greener than a Jet Stan
Down in the bottom with the Marshes in a wetland
Keep the bank account and wallet on overload
Is it movie, I got money, No! I don't know them whores
I'm high off light but ready to overdose
I live the fast life, but I got a slow approach
My driveway is like a drive end
I got relationship to move it on the high ten
My product is a top notch quality
And I ain't talking twitter my nigga, now can you follow me?
I can turn a stack into a hundred Gs
And I can turn a Grammy into a hundred keys
I got the streets wide open, they want me to say how I did it
That's what I told them

[Chorus: Juvenile]

[W.C. overlapping the above Chorus]
They know, go hard!
Tell them, get it, yeah!
Yo, Uhha

[Verse Three: W.C.]
Now I can fake it, and rap some bullshit, but why I lie?
These rappers be lying, but not I
I'm a cannon on the side of the tie
Stay fly when the smoke, is bouncing the car when I'm eying 95
High riding-by, itching to let the Glock sighs
Turning up the Kool-Aid, thunder burnt in a hot fries
Niggaz counting me out, but that's a lie
See I can't die, money don't sleep, so why should I?
See this is for my niggaz still thirsty as hell
Shipping their meal, turned up, doing burgers in their jail sales
Zig zags and plug rollers, burners in the sofa
Chip holders, know how to get the grub and flip it over
Stuff the money and the dope for profit change by the hustle
My loved ones slain in the struggle
I'ma grind til my ashes lay
Motherfuckers wanna know why I act this way

[Chorus: Juvenile X2]

[Outro: W.C. overlapping the above Chorus]
What's that? WHAT?
UHH! Come On!
Tell them

[Juvenile overlapping the above Chorus]
That's right, everything in my life
UHHA, yeah, somebody tell them so
Holler at the dope boy