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Artist: Webbie
Album:  Savage Life
Song:   Bad Bitch
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Come on...I need a bad bitch
Come on...If you's a bad bitch
Shit...I want a bad bitch
[Verse 1]
The girl be cookin and cleanin, cleanin and cookin
She be constantly douchin and cleanin her pussy
And when she step on the scene everybody be lookin
And to get in them jeans everybody be wishin
But she only want playas who's far from rookie
And if ya ain't got the cake you can't play wit the nookie
Her titties sittin pretty and she soft as a cushion
And if ya try to holla she might holla she's tooken
And she walk like a bad bitch talk like a bad bitch
Goin and gettin her hair and nails fix is a habit
Now a bad bitch going by this mo then average
And a bad bitch need to take trips wit the savage
You can never tell a bad bitch a freek she too classy
But shit I can tell from her lips that's she nasty
Expensive ass pants gripped to them asses
She is mean as a pitbull and sweet like candy
Now that's a bad bitch (bad bitch) 
Now that's a bad bitch (bad bitch)
Now that's a bad btich (bad bitch)
Now that's a bad bitch (bad bitch)
Girl you a bad bitch (bad bitch)
Girl you a bad bitch (bad bitch)
Girl you a bad bitch (bad bitch)
Girl you a bad bitch (bad bitch)
[Verse 2]
Now see I can impress a bad bitch the girl gon smile
Caress the bad bitch now the girl gon wild
I'll feed it and treat it like that's my child
Then freakin it up and beat it up that's my style
You get alot of head when ya bread in piles
Some on right now when I'm saying that loud
A trifling ass bitch make tha big dog growl
A bad ass bitch make tha big dog proud
Which one is tha baddest
That's the one I am havin
The one with no kids or just one baby daddy
And she ain't hard-headed
Can at least respected
And you ain't a bad bitch if you got bad credit
A thong and press-ons know how to cook neck-bones
I want the MVP with that throw-back dress on
Don't like to get dirty and don't mind workin
And she don't mind givin me some mouth to lip service


Now make yourself scene cause you a bad bitch(bad bitch)
Girl you a bad bitch(bad bitch); Now you a bad bitch(bad bitch)
Now show yo ass off cause you a bad bitch (bad bitch)
Girl you a bad bitch (bad bitch); Now you a bad bitch (bad bitch)

[Verse 3]
Maan I love them bad bitches with them sexy ass tattos
Them bad bitches with them bad bitches attitudes
She damn fool gotta crib she'll let me camp
Make sure her niggas stay filled with them food stamps
I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T do you know what that mean maan
Own damn house floss out big screen maan
I'll bring the whole hundred shit wha u gon do fo me maan
Look at her own in-come she a beast maan
Bad bitches otta be in da first damn streets maan
She ain't cryin ova no nigga she ain't weak maan
A kinda bitch that put a real nigga on his feet maan


Come sho
Trill entertament nigga
I'm Web-bie nigga my name's not not We-Be you heard me GET IT RIGHT
Mouse on the Track
2004 this my year right chea
I'm out this trick....
I need a bad bitch
That's a bad bitch