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Artist: Westside Connection
Album:  Friday After Next OST
Song:   It's The Holidaze
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Tell ya people that I'm comin by (Yeah yeah)
Got that shit that'll get ya high (Holla at a pimp)
Talkin shit 'cause I'm off
Tonight, and you really wanna feel alright

[Ice Cube]
Cook sometin' serve sometin'
Like George Girv sometin'
Fingaroll Michael Irv sometin'
Smoke sometin', 'cause it's the holidaze
Get ya dolla daze, pop a colla plaze
I'm come through wit the brand new light blue ready to eat n' shit
Niggas can't compete my shit
Got the whole family on the law
So mines be jealous
Like that nigga Marcellous
But don't get overzealous
And try to ball wit a nigga who play double headas 'cause
I'll pull out the double wettas
Cock em' back and treat you like you neva met us
So this year fill ya heart wit' cheer or disappear nigga
Holla if ya clear nigga, it's Ice Cube you can call me tha Grinch
I got your Christmas list
But I ain't buyin' you shit

Tell ya people that I'm comin by (yeah yeah)
Got that shit that'll get ya high (I'm on my way)
Talkin shit 'cause I'm off
Tonight, and you really wanna feel alright
I wanna know what you gonna do for the holidays?
(You know, I'm comin' through for the holidays)
What you gonna do for the holidays?
(I'm comin' through to scoop you for the holidays)

[Ice Cube]
Westside Connect Gang-Ga-Gang Connect Gang-Ga-Gang Connect Gang-Ga-Gang

Ba boom guess who stepped in the room
Off the liquor loc C-walkin' under the missteltoe
Shoppin' cookies, bag full of Goodies
Smokin' out your city with this blue berry sticky icky
WC off the hinges my witness
And them high switchez for a Ghetto fucking Christmas
Hit the block flossin' I got's to rap
Three wheelin' with the Konjak on my bud nyya
Gangsta Gangsta got 'em lookin' my way
'cause I got the new "West Class" in the drive-way
Bendin' the corner, put it up on ya
Like threelik swing swing, bling bling
Mad Hoggin, Bouncin, Sippin' Beer
Blindin' niggaz wit' the carrots in my ear
Another currin' out the gate
Stack them big heads
Dub tryin get me 'tween some scared nyya


[Ice Cube]
Holla at a pimp, holla at a pimp

[Mack 10]
It's that time of year I got a Sack of Scrizzla
And meants for the whitening sabber and Chinchilla
I know my momma cooked I can hardly wait
I'm hungry so when I come through hand me a plate
Or that down hun southern cook connect jam
Now easy on the ham, But heavy on the candy jam
I see you lookin' at me bugged out (No Doubt)
Pull up in a bentley straight Thugged out
Heavy metal, extreme ghetto and bugs
And only Converse on my pedal 'cause all I wear is chucks
While I'm, Greasin' G all down on my drawers
And You Know I plained up like Santa Claus
I grind, And do what I do to make a not
And the Cali weather ain't the only thing that's hot
Chicken Hawkin', I stay away from guys that snitchin
And though it's sunny I'm still around hoes 'cause I'm pitchin