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Artist: Westside Connection
Album:  Terrorist Threats
Song:   Get Ignit
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Security, you all might as well throw me out this bitch right now
"Scratching" Westsiiide

[Ice Cube]
My garage, is not a mirage
I got a car collage for my entourage
We like, Dolomite when we stop at the light
'Cause the rims keep spinning
And the bitches keep grinning
And these niggas keep winning, so they must be sinning
'Cause all they do is party with a whole lot of women now
My grandmomma even called me a dummy
A ignorant little bastard, how I'm spending my money
I tell her, That's right you ain't as fly as your grandson
Handsome with a pocket full of randsome
It ain't tricking if you got it, pull it out your pocket
Baby, drop it like a hydrolic, shake it like you Super Sonic
MAke me pshychotic when that booty look bionic
So if you see the crowd moving
nigga don't get scared, it's just us players, c'mon

Just like your figures, I'm with my niggas
And we all with it, GET IGNIT
To all the bootyshakers, to all the moneymakers
Fuck the undertakers, GET IGNIT
Shake it all around, turn the party out
Pour Bacardi out, GET IGNIT
If you full grown, and you trying to bone
Fuck going home, GET IGNIT

[Mack 10]
I teach them way mean for the green
More muscle than a hawk, and whether it's soft or hard
I seals it all in for
And it ain't no sinking, we puts it down in front of ya
With a D cartel from CAli to Columbia
And I'm so hood with it, man it's hard to explain
Accuse anybody, my old geez is to blame
And I'm so cold with it, its like ice in my vains
Me deep in the game, I put a price on your brain
See me, I can double up twice with them things
Put her on a plane with them strapped tight to a frame
Fuck it, even move them on the bus or the train
Mack dime, the dope man, pushing dust 'till cane
When I bust throught green yards, when I'm back I'm fat
Got that rubber band cabbage, ten thousand a stack
I know them folks owe me homey, got me under attack
I'm still pulling on a Cuban with a big cover yack


Hit like Richter, king ignit
Who the nigga drinking yard liquor
Hitting up the nerighborhood watch members
Zoamed out with the candy broam out
Rag on my mirror with the brains blown out
Dub Cizzle, I'm in this streets not industry
It'll make no remedy for this penetentary tendencies
Bang loose with the strapped car keys
Seven figure nigga still bailing through the swap meat
Janky, I'm feeling the hanky, in the six double zero
Smoking weed, eating chilly cheese Frito's
When we're leathel, diamond great styles get you laid off
Fuck with Dub nigga, I'll knock your fresh braids off
Keep it understood, I bang the hood
No false hood, it's all good
On my mind I keep it all hood
Getting it, pussy I'm hitting it, drinking 'till I'm belligerent
Turn the stuff and watch Dub get Ignit


Keep it understood, I bang the hood
No false hood, it's all good
On my mind I keep it all hood (2X)

'scratch' Westsiiide