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Artist: Wet Boys 
Album:  Get Wet 
Song:   Wettin 'Em Up 
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Shit, yeah I thought ya'll knew 
You start off with young you'll always end up with fiends 
I thought ya'll knew that 
That's way back 
Ca$h Money Records you have the right to remain silent 
Anything you may, can, and will be flipped against ya n you 
If you open up your mouth and give up that right 
Exibit 1 

[Chorus: repeat 2x]
The Wet Boys! The Wet Boys! (Put out the fire) 
The Wet Boys! The Wet Boys! (Put out the fire) 
The Wet Boys! The Wet Boys! (Put out the fire) 
The Wet Boys!(Put out the fire) The Wet Boys! (Put out the fire) 

[Verse 1]
Check, who be the boys trackin hits thats guaranteed 
Wig spittaz, hard hittaz, guarenteed to make you bleed 
Now, What kinda boys roll deep in Expeditions 
Down to dirty schemin, ignorant 'n bout flippin 
Now, Who be the boys flyin way from outta town 
Big paper situations, stackin g's year-round 
Now, Who be the boy that got that clout down south 
And goodness pick up when other clowns feel the drought 
Now, Who be the boys don't be bout all dat rappin 
Put dem K's in your mouth and them dumps to leave ya leftin 
Now, what kinda boys roll ya, he bout business 
Droppin, hittin fake souljas, comin up for the quickness 
Now, who be the boys thats got a whole new team 
Big trucks on 22's, the color be green 
Now, who be the boy who grew up on GT 
First soulja makin records, Sporty as can be 

Chorus: 1x 

[Verse 2]
Now, who be that boy checkin into rehab 
Talkin bout he gon' quick {pause} don't make me laugh 

Now all these cars, but they never be use 
Sporty off the showroom flo', givin you clowns tha blues 

Now, who be the boys see men act they don't 
Talkin bout they gon' get me, staight shamin 'n flippin 
Now, who be the boys who ain't gon' let that happen 
Standin up totin gallons, straight baggin my rappin 

Chorus: 1x 

[Verse 3]
Now, who be the boys who got a soulja out that 9 
Call himself Lil Pee Wee and don't mind dyin 
Now, who be the boy who call himself Gotti 
Totes some Mausberg and ready to pump the party 
Now, who be the boys who got a soulja named Slim 
Gonna flip a lil B.G. when he get out the pen 
Now, who be the boys runnin wit the killa cut-throat 
Wicked prime and uzi, peanut and mote 
Now, who be the boy steppin straight from the Grove 
George, Landis, Stan 'n Danny, play the money like hoes 
Now, who be that soulja call himself Dollar Bills 
Smaller than Lil' Wayne head and tote some big steel 
Now, who be the boy call hiself Lil' Caesar 
Quick the sleep more clown then the aids diseases 
Now, what kinda soulja wit Hairy and his people 
Listen to the Cub Scout songs they goin right to sleep-le 
Now, what kinda boys put it all together 
Lock and load them chrome K's and reign like bad weather 
Now, what kinda boys snatch mice and start fusses 
Pull up at local concerts, landin down on big buses 

Chorus: 2x 

Ha,(splash!) that's how we doin in (splash!) where I come from (splash!) 
You talkin bout "Get It How U (splash!) Live" 
No,(splash!) "Take It How I Get It" (splash!) ya heard me? (splash!) 
Shiiit, (splash!) it's goin down (splash!) all the time (splash!) 
Ain't nothin changed (splash!) 
Ya'll didn't drag Mystikal (splash!) from the river 
doin him in the back (splash!) of junkyards (splash!)(spash!) 
Now they wanna look at me funny (splash!) 
look I'm comin out hard 
Ha, (Wet) shiiit (Wet), brand-new day 
Step to me I (Wet Wet) dare ya 
Rough era (Wet Wet) 
Wet Boy 
(Wet Wet):11x