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Artist: Wiley f/ Jme, Teddy Music
Album:  Snakes & Ladders
Song:   From the Outside
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1: Wiley]
I've been in the wrong system, the wrong territory, for way too long
If I say it's right and I show it to Johnny, looks back at me like it sounds wrong
Who am I making music for then?
Ask him, me, the label or him?
I go macho on people eediat tunes cause really Wiley goes in
I'm torn between catering for me and the fans, I'm going mad
I only hear my big hits where people go to get tans, beach
What's that to me is they want easy, I can't show skills
For the wayward music they want brother, I don't want mils

[Chorus: Wiley]
I step back looking in from the outside
Wondering if it sounds right
Sounds good to me
On this path it's good to be
Yeah, you could do the hook for me
Or I could do the hook for free
Got a rave booked at 1
Leave a hour gap then I'm booked til three

[Verse 2: Teddy]
Where do I start with this one
I was on the outside trying to get inside
With the tools outside I got inside
In a matter of time I was doing a lot
Might see me with a lighty on the block
Wiley told me to murk this
So I gotta make this worth it
When I spit, spit to kill, not only Fruity Loops that I kill
I'm a lord of the beats fam
Check YouTube, every man knows that it got real
Five bills for a grime beat, that's real
Had 'em scared and shook like I just got signed and dropped, let go from the deal
I'mma stack till I get mils


[Verse 3: Jme]
I don't know who's approval man's seeking
Or what crowd man's tryna be reaching
Don't wanna make tunes that are bait
I make music for an acquired taste
Started doing this thing cause I loved it
Not to make tunes for the general public
Our music is made to measure
Wiley is a national treasure
Not everybody is gonna like it
If they don't like it, fuck 'em
Man really started from the bottom
Walk in to radio, man ain't forgotten
I used to pay £5 a week to get heard
Now I get five bags for spoken word
Personally I think man's winning
And it's only the end of the beginning