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Artist: Wiley
Album:  Snakes & Ladders
Song:   Snakes & Ladders (Part Two)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I just threw a four and I took a ladder to four-two
Then I threw a seven and I went along to five-six
Snakes there now I'm avoiding a crisis
One step away from a ladder that was righteous
Then I rolled a five that took me up to seventy
When I reach the top a generation remembers me
Living a legend, had me a couple of generous genuine fans in the game that like me cause I resemble me
Then I threw an eight, now I'm on seventy-eight
No I'll be lying to you if I said I'd never be late
I roll again, ten, hate, now I'm sitting at eight-eight
See the goal staring, that's the end of a great date
My flow's way above the pay grade
No dro, then I'm back in to blaze grade
Threw a five to nine-four, a six to hundred's what I live my life for

[Chorus 1 x2]
E-suck-I B-O, E-suck-I B-O-Y
E-S, E-suck-I B-O-Y
E-suck-I B-O, E-suck-I B-O-Y
Snakes, snakes, snakes
E-suck-I B-O, E-suck-I B-O-Y
Snakes, snakes, snakes

["Born in the Cold"]

[Verse 2]
Eski boy, yeah
I was born in the cold, it's not make belief
I hit the ice like a maple leaf
I can't spit if I don't rate the beat
Don't push cause you're gonna make me hate the beat
My cousin's got iPhones on silver cheap
Street raised me, now I'm gonna raise the street
My mind might flip, go astray for weeks
I went to look for it, then it came to me
When I was young, never had a brain for trees
Slush puppies kid, swap brain for freeze
E-S the game changed, I changed the greeze
Cause a blizzard anywhere I take my feet
But let me take it to a place where I changed my P
East London, the place where I grate my cheese
And if you can't hustle you won't last there
I seen people crumble in a half year
Swear, I like when I see the youth doing good things
Cause I want 'em to know what doing good brings
I been there myself and I am gonna help you
You don't want what the hood brings
Look away from it, looks good but please don't play with it
My advice, I'm a vice, got me looking for the cold
11: 05, here I go

[Chorus 2]
I'm running to the sky
I wanna go
Cause I be on a natural high, high, high

[Verse 3]
I was born in the cold, snow falling
Way before snowboarding
I swear winter can hear me calling
Still had a good heart even when I weren't balling
Life's like a game of snakes and ladders, ups and downs
Everybody rushing around but I'm loving the sound of it
Keeps me going, yeah, keeps me flowing
I got the drive that will drive all around the world
Spread the word, get people knowing
Come alive anywhere on the earth
Can't lie, the fan base is growing
[?], recording at Noble
Feel like a local
Always searching for the perfect vocal
To be precise we're using Pro Tools
My city need this, cause we breathe this
Natural talent, can't say you got it if you haven't
I like to be diverse and keep a good balance
They know I work hard for it
I'm gonna be the next star of it
Free spirit music
I'm a free spirit and my living can prove it
I'm always chilling or cruising

[Chorus 2]

[Verse 4]
It's a new day now but I ain't holding back
Spit bars like I'm on an old school Roll Deep track, Tiger
Went top 5 with a sound that I will pursue
But I gotta let them know I'm not only that
Told you I'm gonna win, even though I sin
I once was a prince but know I am a king
I play it all down but now I'm gonna blink
Cause I may as well embrace the bloodclart ting

[Chorus 3 x2]

[Verse 5]
It's a new day so we are gonna do new things
The revolution's over so we're gonna do two things
Whatever we like, whenever we want
No matter what you and who thinks
We'll roll up to the pub where you and who drinks
Told you I am a don, this scene I run
I spit sick bars but I can do a song
I play it all down but you know I was the one
So now I may as well embrace the vibe I was on

[Chorus 3]

[Verse 6]
It's a new day nobody ain't telling me shit
Don't mess about so I take down enemies quick
Can't leave grime cause I love that, can't you tell
I told myself I don't really give a eff what my enemies think
Got skill it's not a myth, how I exist
I took one five yeah I took the piss
If I take shots yeah I ain't gonna miss
So I may as well embrace the fact that I'm this

[Chorus 3]

["Fuck It"]

[Verse 7]
BBK is the team, that's Boy Better Know
And we're living out that dream, them boys better know
Let off the bars all day, no problem
Don't just sent me a couple of beats, I don't want them
I want fire, I want fire
I want tracks that take a man higher
I want tracks that take a man forward
I can't spit on that, it feels awkward
I got a flow, deadly like cyanide
You're bound to hear me when I'm flying by
Genius, I know it
I don't need to front cause I show it

When I'm being myself they cannot hear me
When I'm being myself they cannot hear me
But when I tame it down then they can hear me
But when I tame it down then they can hear me
I got gassed up by this riddim sent from Deeco
Life of Wiley finally saw me roll through Heathrow
I can't believe how much of the history that he knows
He's sayin' I'm a legend, just do this thing for the people, for the people
When I find a 5 I'm not scared to buss it
Came from the heart, that's why I trust it

[Chorus 4 x3]
Take my time, I ain't gonna rush it
I'm doing what I want, fuck it
Fuck it

[Verse 8]
Some fans still want all the music from the year 2000
Them vibes, won't get them again
That was then when we found 'em
That's askin' a lot when I'm fair on the pitch passing a lot
I got quite sick of opinions, rise above now I'm laughing a lot
Stuck in the mud, overseas and I'm in luck with the buds
Zone out to the crazy stuff
All if the ifs and the buts and the maybe stuff
Wanna do what nobody does
Take a risk cause nobody does
I ain't playing it safe any more
I ain't playing that make or break any more
Cause when I'm being myself they cannot hear me
When I'm being myself they cannot hear me
But when I tame it down then they can hear me
But when I tame it down then they can hear me
That perfect blend of love and hate could take you flying
But you will get left behind if you're not trying
I told my dons I've had enough and I'm not lying
Some MCs try to paint a picture but I ain't buying

[Chorus 4 x3]